Friday, November 18, 2005

See What Flo Is Up To

Flo Bowling
Originally uploaded by mlehet.

That crazy know Flo Mingo has been up to some wild stuff lately.

You should stop by and check out her adventures.

Click on the photo to be magically transported to Flo's World.

I think I just came up with the name for her serie's "Flo's World"


xmichra said...

that's too cute!! and if that was your computer, boy do you need to clear your desktop!!! So many Icons!! Do you use them all??

Karen said...

Poor Flo ... was her next stop the hospital for a bit of reconstructive surgery? My desktop looks like that ... too many problems with remote synchronization to store everything where it should be :-(

Lex said...

Flo is cool

Mike said...

Flo looks pretty cool to me! Great blog.