Monday, November 21, 2005

Shopping for the Holidaze!

There’s a few of us that are going to be in town this year for Thanksgiving, so we decided that we would get together and have our own little dinner.

Yesterday we went shopping to prepare for the big day……we went to Whole Foods or perhaps you know it by it’s more well known name – Whole Paychecks.

Typically I like to shop at the big box stores, you know the ones that have pesticides and germicides on it’s vegetables and has more than one type of cracker to choose from…but the guy who is hosting wanted to go there, so I took him (since I’ve got a car, but that’s a whole other post)

Now I’ve been to Whole Paychecks before but Sunday morning there is crazy! First off it’s a small store and the aisles are close together but there were people bouncing off of each other everywhere you went. I said “excuse me” so many times I was hoarse.

There were a few things I discovered:

- The Granola crowd needs preservatives. I think that eating non-preservative foods has some how caused people to become irate, irrational and just plain rude. People were pushing and shoving trying to get at those grapes and oranges from South Africa. It was terrible. Dave accidentally backed into a woman’s cart and she about bit his head off, come on lady it was an accident and he couldn’t really help it because we were all crowded in there like cattle on the way to slaughter.

- When we were checking out it was difficult to tell which buttons to push on the debit card reader because the NO button was almost completely worn off, I guess people don’t usually get cash back after they spend $10 for a few pounds of grapes. Yes that’s right Dave bought some beautiful grapes but they cost $9.92. Hell, I bought a few oranges, some ginger, a zester tool and my bill was almost $20. I just stuffed the receipt in the pocket and threw it out as soon as I got home I really didn’t care to know exactly how that bill broke down.

- The people that shop there really need some hair conditioner. I think eating organic food has caused something to happen to people’s hair. I have never seen sooooooo many people with bad hair as I did yesterday when we were shopping. It was quite interesting because I can’t believe that people would actually go out of the house looking like that….or if the did leave the house looking like that, what in the hell were they thinking?

Hope that you and yours (family, friends, whatever you want to call them) have a great Thanksgiving.


Kat said...

Sorry you had to spend you Sunday morning with a bunch of grouchy hippies with bad hair. lol.

clew said...

I've noticed that granola folks all look like dried out leather gloves. Preservatives might kill us, but at least we'll be pretty while we're alive. ;)

clew said...

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving, Michael :D

xmichra said...

we already had our thanksgiving here (canada) ... but happy festivities to you and yours!!

Au Natural is something I do not get. I couldn't fathom buying grapes for an outragous price (although here they are about eight bucks a bunch).

Karen said...

And now for the view from the other side ... well, actually I think that I fall somewhere in the middle as opposed to grouchy granola who smells and has bad hair. Bad hair maybe [genetic curls], but forget grouchy and smells. Anyways, back to the issue at hand ... Big Boxes make me nervous but I also refuse to pay $10 for a bunch of grapes. The result is that I prefer to shop in smaller family-run places but won't buy grapes :-( However, whether in big boxes or a small fruit stand I always apologize after ramming my cart into someone's ankles. Maybe that's my Canadianness coming out! [read: oot].

Ha ha! Hope the rest of the holiday is a charm!

Karen said...

Clearly I am feeling verbose tonight!