Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Terrible Disaster has been Averted

You won't see this often
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Yesterday morning I took my usual walk to my car to drive to work when what did I spy but a flat tire on my adorable little Ford Focus.

That's right a Flat Tire. Well let me tell you this, at 7:00 am I was not dealing with that shit, so I just grabbed the bus and went to work, fuck that shit!

During the day I stopped at Sears and grabbed one of those portable air compressors thinking I could just pump some air back into that fat little tire. Well that didn't work.

So the next step was Fix-A-Flat which is basically expandable insulation in a can that you're supposed to put in your tire. That didn't work either!

Fortunately since we're celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow work was really slow and we were allowed to leave at 2:00 pm (gotta love that). I jumped back on that bus and came home and immediately tackeled that flat tire.

And this is what I got....dirty hands!

I hate having dirty hands that's why I work in an office where I'm not forced to work with dirty implements.

So it is offical, I'm butch for the next six months, I don't wanna hear anything from you!

**Note: I've changed a lot of tires in my life (I grew up on a farm) so I'm this is just a dramatic portrayl for your enjoyment. It only took me 20 minutes to change, but I just wanted to bitch about it.


xmichra said...

good for you!!! I once changed a muffler on a guys car. I was a hero, and he was dubbed a sissy pants. Poor guy.

Kat said...

I had to change a tire on my pickup truck once (yes, I had a truck, a little Ford Ranger, this is the south you know.) It took way more than twenty minutes.

Karen said...

20 min. is a bit long for ONE tire, don't you think? ;-)

Michael said...

It was actually the first time I've had to change a tire on this car so I was happy with only 20 minutes (I had planned an hour so I got to my cocktails early)

The Big Finn said...

Run (or drive really fast now that you've fixed your tire) to your local manicurist as soon as they open, and have those hands taken care of before you develop callouses.
BTW...I was having a manicure a couple of years ago and the lady felt my hands. After feeling my hands for about ten seconds, she asked me: "Do you work?!?!?" It was a proud moment in my life to say the least.

Aims said...

I hate changing tyres! I've had 4 that needed changing in the last few years. I did 1 - hubby was called out to deal with the other 3. Well I might break a nail!!!

Mad_Bomber said...

I was going to give you a hard time about the tire but Kat yold me not to. Besides you said you grew on a farm. I am sure that a tire was the easiest thing to fix on the farm. I too grew up on a farm (Dairy Farm) always milking

Michael said...

TBF - Yeah for having a manicure, it's nice to hear you're pampering yourself more!

I used to own a truck and I changed more tires on that thing than I care to remember. I was always driving over a nail or an embankment.

Mad_Bomber - Thanks for stopping, hope you come back. Fortunately on the farm we had a hydraulic jack so it was a LOT easier to change them. We had a Dairy Farm too....I don't miss it do you?