Thursday, December 15, 2005

Be Careful What You Wish For

How many times a day do you say: "Oh I wish.....?"

Be careful what you wish for, those dreams may just come true, but not the way you want them to.

You know what I'm talking about "Oh I wish I were famous" and then boom your struck by a bus right outside the TV station and they happen to catch it on film, well you are famous then aren't you?

Or how about "Oh I wish I could meet so-and-so (insert famous person name here)?" Well you do and then guess what you end up doing this:

Who wants to bet that this brunette grew up "wanting to be famous" well she's famous now...she's Mariah Carey's Straw Holder. In my eyes you can't get much more famous than that can you? You're around Mariah all day (can you just imagine) and your only job is to constantly put that straw right in Mariah's mouth. Look how she's holding that straw, it's obvious she's a professional. I wonder if when she gets totally fed up with this job if she'll purposely shove that straw straight up Mariah's nose, now wouldn't that be funny?

**NOTE - This is not going to become a celebrity blog, but I just find it so funny the "people" that we consider celebrities nowadays. Just because they have music/fashion/photos someone can be a celebrity. Do you think Mariah would have been a celebrity 100 years ago like the legendary Fanny Brice or Sarah Vaughn? I don't think so. It's the media's fault too you know.


clew said...

How frigging BIG does your head have to be that you feel you need someone to hold your drink for you? OMG!!! I can't stand this woman. She probably has someone chew her food for her too.

Your topic is very twilight zoney. Great thought provoker!

Kat said...

She doesn't look very happy to have to work with Mariah.

xmichra said...

I would totally hold Tori Amos' straw for her all day long If I could tour with her.

I am a product of my environment.. heh.

Michael said...

XM - Tori I can understand...but how bad must this woman's life be that she is Pariah Carey's Official Straw Holder!

xmichra said...

ya, that is pretty bad... because it is the bottom of the humiliation barrel. Bt I think holding the straw for anyone is pretty degrading. I still would though... hehe.

CanadianSwiss said...

Hey, is that a disinfectant spray in the back? Wouldn't want Mariah to get any kind of bacteria on her straw!

The Big Finn said...

Mariah used to be at the very top of my "Top 5 Women" list, but that was before the apparent exponential growth of her ego and (in my opinion) some not-so-great plastic surgery. Plus, I'm not liking that moth-fluttering-around-a-lightbulb-thing she does with her hand when she sings.
But say what you have to admit that she does have a great set of pipes!