Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas Parties

Tis the season for Christmas Parties isn't it? Everybody's got to have one, but then who can blame them, all we're doing is setting ourselves up for a long long winter.

I on the other hand like to have a party in February when all the crap is over and done with and we are all realizing that it's gonna be another 5 months until it gets warm again!

Have you used EVite? It's a clever tool, I'll never hand out invitations again for a big party. The one thing I like is that you can leave comments on whether you're coming, or not coming or just don't want to be bothered. I was looking through a few of the party invites I've gotten this year and reading the responses, this was the best decline I've seen in quite a while:

Thanks for the invite, but as this time of year always offers more parties than a human can get to! I am attending a friend's gathering. Enjoy!

Oops, don't you hate it when you miss a word? Really what he's saying is, your party isn't good enough I'm going to a real friend's party.....hmmm remind me not to send him an eVite in the February.


Karen said...

Some friends started using evite a few years back and one friend who didn't quite realise how it worked [that comments were posted for all to see] posted her response that she wouldn't be attending the party due to the fact that another person hadn't been invited 'cause another person had. Confusing? Yes! Juvenile? Yes! But very funny, since it wasn't actually the real reason why the invitee wasn't attending, but she hadn't expected her answer to be public knowledge. Boy did we howl!!

xmichra said...

I don't know why, but i find eVite very trashy. I jus tlike personal written stuff for things like that. I don't know why. I know, I shouldn't fight the tech revolution... but I like to have real mail once in awhile too .