Saturday, December 10, 2005

Cops! Bad Boy Bad Boy What You Gonna Do

Why I love the program “Cops” on Fox TV

  • Lady calls 911 because a “snake” got in her house

  • Officer comes and proceeds to rip up baseboard in closet where the snake is supposedly hiding.

  • Woman says (while on the phone with her mama) “Do you think it could have come in through that door?  Oh god, I’ve got to get some snake away or something”

  • Officer continues to rip out about 12 inches of drywall looking for said snake.

  • Officer checks basement for said snake finds nothing.

  • Office leaves, woman finds snake while officer still in drive.

  • Officer returns to pull out 12” garter snake with a nice pattern on him.

  • Woman says (off the phone now) “Oh he’s black and white, I got 2 out of three colors wrong.”

  • Officer takes said snake to yard and drops him in the bushes.
How much you want to bet that fucking snake got back in her house?


Kat said...

She couldn't just take something and smash it?? A snake that small? Jeez. I'm terrified of snakes, but even I know that one that tiny can be smushed in an emergency. Smush now, check colors and pattern on back out later!

Karen said...

Snake away? Is that from the manufacturers of lime away? Rofl. Geez.

xmichra said...

I can't believe that a) someone wasted the police's time with that and b) the show wasted your time on it too!

What the hell is wrong with people?

Snake away... yiesh

Michael said...

XM - One does not waste time watching Cops, one learns of all the things you're NOT to do if you're ever in a situation where you're carrying 14 kilotons of black tar her(o)in.

I would love to work on that production company, think of all the things they get that they CAN'T show because it's too wild....

"Get me some snake-away"

xmichra said...

haha.. I wish I were on that page with you dear.. but alas, I do not understand the outline which is 'cops'.. hehe.

People are stupid, and this is sometimes inclusive of myself.. but THOSE people are just idodic. I can't watch that.. I can feel my IQ seep out of my ears trying. Then again, I watch Survivor religously, so who am I to judge ;)

Rob7534 said...

Cops :)

hee hee

I don't watch anymore, cause I'm tired of seeing my family on TV :)

clew said...

My husband used to sing that song to our dog when he was being a brat (still does too).

"Bad puppy, bad puppy, whatcha gonna do ..."

I know, who cares. But you gave me a chuckle - thanks!

Rob7534 said...

That's funny Clew :) ha ha... I'm gonna do that too now!