Saturday, December 31, 2005

Im so gay

I went to Costco with my friend Travis today….can I say what a madhouse.  People were running around like there was a blizzard coming into town and they had to stock up provisions for the next six months!  UGH!

Well I broke down and bought a few movies, one of my New Years Resolutions is to cut down on the number of movies I buy.  I’m not a renter, I prefer to own so I can watch when I want.  I have 375 DVD’s and about 175 VHS, I’ve been collecting movies for ages.

Today I bought three movies but two were strictly because I was gay:

Once Upon A Mattress – When I was in High School we did this musical and I was the lead……the MALE lead in case you were wondering.  So I have always enjoyed this show.  Plus it’s Carol Burnett and Tracey Ullman, OUAM was Carol Burnett’s Broadway Debut and now she’s playing the queen…ah how it must be to get old.

The other movie I got was Sky High strictly because Lynda Carter is in it and she was Wonder Woman – that’s more than enough reason isn’t it?  Wonder Woman!

I’ll try to be less gay in 20-06, I promise.


Nickle Annie said...

I love Sky High! I tried to burn it for the kids but I was foiled! LOL!

Kat said...

Sky High was pretty good. Lynda Carter is awesome. I used to watch wonder woman all the time.

You know I have this blockbuster thing where i rent two movies and just swap them whenever. No late fees. You might wanna check that out! lol

Michael said...

Kat - I'm not really a "renter" type person. I like to browse through my collection and see what fits my moods.

Take a look at the list of movies

xmichra said...

I actually watched once upon a mattress two wweeks ago (??) with my daughter. it was on the wonderful world of disney. It was fab, as only Carol could be! I thought her prefomance was stellar.. and made me really miss the Carol Burnett show. :(

I am not so sure about the gay thing with those movies though.. or my husband is WAY gay and I have no idea.. heh.

CanadianSwiss said...

Sky high, Wonder Woman and Carol Burnett... Those were the good ol' days!

Andi said...

I must see Sky High..... I like Kurt Russell (especially in Overboard - which I own and have seen roughly 1,000 times).