Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sushi Sushi Sushi

Let's just say I'm not a big fan of sushi, well that's not a fair statement. I like sushi, but I don't seek it out would be a better statement.

Last evening a friend of mine called and asked what I was doing for dinner. The Boyfriend (he told me I should refer to him by name but I figure that's more confusing for you) had his son so I was on my own. My friend wanted to go for sushi, so I said 'moshi moshi let's go for sushi' (I'm sure that's offensive to someone, sorry.

The place was a BYOB so we stopped at the store and got a couple cans of Sapporo beer and headed for the best seats at the Sushi Bar.

They gave me a menu but it was all greek to me because I had no idea what to order so I told my friend you order and I'll eat what I eat, I'm open to new things.

Mike - The Sushi Chef was celebrating his one year anniversary of working there so the place had a festive mood about it. Sake was pouring down the aisles....warm sake at that....I think that since the place is a BYOB they can't "sell" alcohol but they can give it away (gotta love that).

Chef Mike celebrating 1 year

My friend ordered several things, I tried all of them except the Maki Tuna and the Sushi Scallop, I'm not a big raw fish fan, he said they were delicious.

I did eat some Rainbown Roll and a roll that had tempura shrimp that was yummy. Then Chef Mike asked if we wanted something special, we said sure.

Well it took about 30 minutes but this is what came out:

How can I describe this? The rolls on bottom had been deep fried so they were crispy, they had vegetables and other things in it, on top was a spicy soft shell crab mixture. To call it a mixture is probably the worst word to describe it, but I really can't describe what it tasted like. When you first started eating it, it was crispy and solid in your mouth but then you could taste the soft shell crab in this delectable creamy dressing after you swallowed you could feel this very warm sensation creep over your tongue from the peppers. That then took over your mouth as you realize what you've just eaten. The only thing that would quench that burn was a cup of warm sake!

I think it was a good evening, the Sushi was cold and the beer and sake were warm!

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