Thursday, December 08, 2005

What makes you gay

Yesterday we had another off-site party at the bowling alley.

We play three games, two regular and one "crazy bowl"

Crazy Bowl is where you hop on one foot, bowl with your opposite hand, etc. One of the frames is you hold the hand of the person that bowled before you.

Following is a conversation I was involved in:

Team Member: (to coordinator) I am informing you that I will not be holding hands with another guy. That's what makes you gay.
Me: Uhm, that's not what makes you gay.

I thought this was quite funny as did one of my team-mates who is "in on" my secret!

***NOTE to further expound:
- this is a grown man
- this is a grown man that stops by my desk every day to read my joke of the day calendar
- this is a grown man who is a computer geek
- this is a grown man who has no idea I am gay (he MUST be headless is all I can say)


ads510 said...

was this a grown up person that actually made this comment? Is it really true that a grown ass man would honestly think that holding another man's hand would "make him gay"? geesh...

clew said...

What a jackass! >:[

Robin said...

Him thinking that holding hands with another guy would make him gay makes him an ignorant terd, which is way worse than being a computer geek.

Kat said...

Umm...Can you say "dumbass"? I knew ya could! lol.

Ms Mac said...

God, everyone knows what makes you gay! Everyone knows that it's Spiderman that makes you gay!

xmichra said...

wow. I would totally hit on him if I were you.. you know, to prove that since he held hand swith another guy that he is totally gay now. But I am mean ;)

Michael said...

Ewh, he's not even cute.

If I'm gonna cheat on The Boyfriend it's gotta be with a total hottie where The Boyfriend would say "You'd had better do him or else I will."

You only get one chance with that, don't want to waste it.

xmichra said...

haha, i just mean to hit on the guy , not to do anything.. ew. hahahaha

Plus, I may be mean.. but not to the point where i would recomend hurting the boyfriend. he keeps you good and happy, so he is safe from the wrath of xmichra!! ... for now ;) said...

That is so funny, in a sad kind of way!