Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why Charity Sucks (or why you should be cautious when donating money)

Check out this article

When you donate money to a charity, do you know how much of it actually makes it to the people that really need it?

Basically, this guy is the President of the Goodwill in Portland (you know the non-profit org) and his salary last year was $830,000. Yes you read that right, $830K for running a non-profit organization.

I agree that just because he is working for a non-profit organization that is supposed to help people he shouldn't be allowed to make money, but he is the president of the Portland Goodwill, not President of the entire Goodwill Organization, just one little tiny part of it all. In fact they said that he made the most out of all the other executives at the other 172 Goodwill locations in North America.

Is it just me or is this wrong?

I guess I'm a bit biased because my sister runs her own non-profit organization where she helps people get housing and I see how little she "gets" out of it, she does well enough to have a house/food/etc, but she's not going galavanting around the country spending other people's money.

If he took a 50% cut in salary, imagine how many more people could be helped by his organization.

Ok, I'm done Ranting!


xmichra said...

That is wrong, so very wrong! Iknow so many people who give litterally everything they have so that they can help others... and this guy just sits back with his comfy salary and reeps profit on others misfourtune?? I have so many words for that guy...

Kat said...

People like that suck.

CanadianSwiss said...

Very good post, Michael. I think it's important - especially during the Season - to remind people that their donations sometimes don't reach their originally indicated destination.