Monday, January 16, 2006

Doin the Laundry - Part of the Tale

Doin the Laundry
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So this lady comes in with a boat load of laundry. When she approached me and stopped there seemed to be a little draft of odor that continued on.

At first I thought it was body odor but then I looked at her quickly and she wasn't dirty, she clean....but she just had an odor about her. I told myself "Hey you're in the laundromat dude, deal with it." And eventually I did.

So as I was reviewing what was going on around me I saw that she had her whole laundry experience laid out for her. She had two J-ello gelatin snacks, a tray of cheese and crackers, carrot cake with cream cheese icing (if you're asking me how I know....let me ask you, what else would you put on carrot cake except cream cheese icing?) She also had a beverage in a to-go cup and hidden behind there was a bag of chips.

Well the chips weren't just any chips...they were light chips. Do you know what's in Light Chips? Olean? Remember Olean from the late 90's. Well check out this link.

Being the bad person that I was, I said to myself "Oh gurl, you know she's got some anal leakage." And that's when it hit me, I knew what the smell was!

Stay tuned for more laundry stories


ads510 said...

i had to stay away from olean! I would much rather have to work out a little bit more than have anal leakage!

Kat said...


xmichra said...

oh my gods.. that is too gross to leave us like that!!

My husband is the resident chip 'dude', so we get asked all sorts of questions.