Thursday, January 05, 2006

Even I Know This Is Wrong

Apparently two young boys were left alone to fend for themselves over the New Year's Holiday while their father and stepmother flew off to Las Vegas to celebrate the new year.

The 9-year old boy was told to take care of his autistic 5-year old brother before the adults (they don't deserve to be called parents) took their new christmas puppies to his mother's (the boys Grandmother) to watch while they snuck off to Las Vegas to bring in the new year.

Now I'm not a parent, and I don't profess to be one, but that is just wrong. Obviously the Grandmother lives close enough that they could drop the puppies off, but why didn't they drop the kids off too?

Sometimes I really wonder what thought process people have going on in their heads where they can justify this? It just doesn't make sense at all to me, this is just wrong on so many levels.

Well the good news is, the adults may be charged with Felony child endangerment which carries a maximum sentence of 6 years.

I think the best line in the whole article is:
- Calero and De La Vega have requested lawyers and have refused to talk to police.

Well of course they have, I would love to be able to follow this story and see what comes of it, see what plausible excuse these two lame people could come up with to justify why they did what they did (and there is no justification in my book).

I say "Book 'em Dan-o and give them the 6 years."

Here's the story LINK


Robin said...

I read about this a bit ago, and was appalled, but not surprised. The sad truth is that anyone with wayward sperm and some ovaries to plant them in can be "parents". You have to take a test to drive, you have to apply for a job, but they let anyone leave the hospital with their baby.

I, too, would love to hear their "explanation" as to why they did this ignorant thing.

What broke my heart was the quote in the article from one of the boys saying that he thought his parents loved the puppies more than him and his brother. The sad thingis that he's probably right.

Tracy said...

These people are pathetic and deserve to be flogged. you hear about this all the time - people who have left children in locked cars in summers' heat so they can go to the casino or get their nails done, people who leave children to their own devices, or perhaps worse, imprison them like animals.

What the hell is our world coming to?

It just sickens me...I'm with you. But 6 years is not enough time. And I think forced sterilization should be thrown into the mix so they can't just go make some more kids.

xmichra said...

What really floors me is that they had the forsigt to bring the puppies to a sitter.. and not thier own 'puppies'!! idiots. I am so glad Kira will never have to know that shit.

Karen said...

Stupid parents. But why didn't the grandmother realize what was going on?
Some people just should not have children, I guess.