Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy Anniversary Rover Spirit

Two years ago today, the rover Spirit touched down on the Mars surface, with one goal in mind - was there water.

It's twin-Opportunity, landed 3 weeks later and they are both still going.

Originally they were planned to "stay alive" for 3 months, it's been two years!

Way to go Spirit and Opportunity, keep up the good work. Just about the time you're ready to retire you'll be glad to know that the US Government will not have any social security left for you, but what will you care you're millions of miles away.

Here's a link to the story if you'd like to investigate further.


xmichra said...

That's cool though. Just that the 'machines' outlived and evolved. Kinda freaky though....

The Big Finn said...

I, for one, think the entire U.S. space program should be put on hold until the U.S. gets all its financial problems in order. I mean, it's cool that we have microwaves and remote control because of the space program, but how about taking care of the gadzillions of dollars of debt. I actually don't worry about Social Security at all, because I am about 98% certain that we will get ZERO by the time we're 67!