Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Little Prince Quiz

As seen on Taamar's page

You are the drawing.

Saint Exupery's 'The Little Prince' Quiz.
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xmichra said...

THAT.. is well, interesting?? I think I will have to take the quiz to figure out my inner blob.

xmichra said...

apparently I am the same thing... although i don't think i have been forgotten!! It's rather bleak... i know of people in my real life who 'look' I am sure this one didnt' pan out right for me.

captain_howdy_girl said...

I'm a vain and selfish flower... is there any other kind?

Kat said...

You are the little prince himself - extraordinary, mysterious, philosophical, and with a passion for just the right sort of sheep. Remember: "The eyes are blind. One must look with the heart..."

captain_howdy_girl said...

who the hell is the little prince anyway?