Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Meeting for the Meeting of the Meeting

A week ago, my bosses-boss told one of my co-workers that The Boss (the Pres of the company) was asking about some numbers and she wanted to set up a meeting to talk about it.

Yesterday at 4:00 my co-worker comes in my cube and says "Hey, S just asked me if I had all of that information for her, I didn't realize she wanted it before our meeting."

No big deal, I had been working on it, so we talked for a few minutes on what they were looking for and all was set.

Then this morning we had a meeting to go over the presentation so that we could then go to another meeting with my bosses-boss to talk about the meeting we were going to have with The Pres. Whew!

Then when we're in this meeting she tells us that we'll probably present to the whole Exec Team - uh oh!

So we have another meeting scheduled to get ready for the meeting that we're going to have on the meeting with the wonder I never get any work done!


CanadianSwiss said...

You' might just have to set up a meeting to get out of meetings and get a few things done. ;-)

Rob7534 said...

You sound busy Michael! What kind of snacks and refreshments do you guys serve at these "meetings" by the way?

Michael said...

None if you can believe that....the bastards!

Kat said...

Maybe you should schedule a meeting to discuss possible snacks to have at meetings?

xmichra said...

we do that sort of run around too. wonder if it just the natre of things.. the higher you go, the more meetings you like to attend so as to do very little actual work! Sucks for those of us in middle management though.. we have to appease the meeting men AND do all the work!