Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday Trip To The Post Office

Well I'm off to the Post Office to check the Box......I wonder what I'll find?


What I found was a Post Office Box that had not yet been "opened" by the post office.

Ugh! When I went to get the PO Box it was during the Holiday Rush so I stood in line for 30 minutes (I didn't care, I had nothing else to do and I had my tunes). Then the next day I get a phone call from the lady saying that she forgot to get my driver's license information, so I had to go back again.

Then today I go in to make sure that it wasn't brimming over with cards and what do I see? I see a masking tape X along the back of the box, the same as it was the first day I got the key.

I walk over to the window and talk with the lady (the same lady actually) and ask her what that means. She cocks her head and says "That means it's closed" I was waiting for her to snap and throw her head to the side.

"Uhm, I just got this a few weeks ago, with you...remember....." her tune changes "Oh yeah, baby....well let me see give me your ID"

Well come to find out she tells me that it was a mistake but the "lady" said I hadn't recieved anything anyway.

Ok, this PO has about a thousand boxes, how can the lady remember one little box and whether I got a post card or not?

So, if you sent me a postcard I haven't received it yet....I'm so sorry.....but I'm glad that I got this fixed before the big plan starts going.


Orange-X said...

Hi Michael- Hope you found everything but bills in your PO Box. Another question, just out of curiosity; What are you eating on the picture you show in your profile? Still can't figure it out and I just love food myself...

Kat said...

Ack! I keep forgeting to get a postcard! said...

Pity, looks like my postcard would have got itself lost then. No return address either so it probably just got binned.

Michael said...

I hope not Ben....we can still have hope that Postcards take longer to be delivered...I've got my fingers crossed!

Karen said...

This story sounds rather Brazilian!