Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shelley Winters is Dead

Who? Shelley Winters, you knowt he Multi-Oscar Winner. You know, Shelley Winters....oh ok, the fat old lady in the Poseidon Adventure who died. She played Roseanne's Grandmother in the series.....Ah, now you know!

Honestly I thought she had passed away some time ago, so I was shocked to hear this news. She was always one of those people who have always been "old" to me, you know like my Kindergarten Teacher who looked like she was a 125 years old but was really in her late 40's.

She made the Poseidon Adventure in 1972 (when I was three years old) and she was old then (I thought), she had a great career where she was in more than 50 additional features, now that's a prolific actor! Check out her IMDB Link, she was in a lot of stuff.

Here is her Obit

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Ms Mac said...

I remember her turn in The Poseidon Adventure very well, it's one of my fave movies, believe it or not!

Also, loved her as Nana Mary in Roseanne and the jeal,ous mother in Lolita.

Goodbye Shelley Winters.