Monday, January 09, 2006

White Tea Does Not Equal Herbal Tea

I decided to get “off coffee” for a while.  Every work morning I brew a fresh pot of Decaf Coffee, fill up my trusty thermos and take to the office with me.

That way when I’m doing my morning reports I can leisurely sip a delicious cup of coffee with the creamer flavor of the week.

I only drink “regular” coffee on the weekends because it really wires me out, when I’m sitting in the office the last thing I want is to be nervous and jittery with nothing to do but look at my computer screen.

This weekend while I was at my local grocery store perusing all of the amazing teas, I specifically was looking for herb teas, because sometimes regular tea contains more caffeine than coffee (go figure).  The store was pushing (i.e. had a sale) on White Tea, I’d never heard of White Tea before so I thought I’d buy some.  I figured (incorrectly I might add) that White Tea was the same as Herbal Tea, and as we all know, Herbal Tea doesn’t have caffeine.

So I bought a box of White Tea with Blueberry, how yummy is this going to be, I thought.

So this morning I brewed up a pot of tea, filled my thermos (minus the flavored creamer) and off to work I went.

Well let’s just say about an hour after I drank it I felt really funny.  I was trying to figure out why I felt “buzzed” when I realized it had to have been the tea!

So I did me a google and what do I find out?  White Tea does have caffeine, albeit not as much as regular tea, thank goodness or else I would have been royally f*&ked.

Just imagine the fun I had when I went to our staff meeting and I was all hopped up on Caffeine, I was talking a mile a minute and didn’t want to stay in that seat.

Moral of the story: just because it’s white tea doesn’t mean it’s herbal tea.

Here’s an interesting link about White Tea


captain_howdy_girl said...

I've never heard of white tea, as a rule black and green have caffeine. I would consider herbal tea chamomile for example. Anything with black tea even if it has raspberry or blueberry is just flavored tea, not herbal.

Kat said...

I haven't heard of white tea either. I get black and green, but go with the decaf kind. I drink so many sodas, I have to have balance.

CanadianSwiss said...

That's interesting. Just recently, we were in Vienna and our hosts always drank white tea for breakfast. I hadn't heard of it before that either.