Saturday, January 14, 2006

Why do Shemales have the biggest dicks?

I was surfing through videos on YouTube today and I came across this one:

***NOTE**** Please do not click on this link if you are easily offended, honestly this is NSFW (not safe for work) in the least! Also don't click if children are nearby.


Now I don't condone what's going on in this video, but it's like a train wreck. At first I was going to mark the video as inappropriate, but then the phone rang and it ran for a few minutes. OMG it really is like a train wreck, it is like a 14-car pile up on the other side of the interstate that has traffic backed up for miles.

And that's when it hit me, why do all the shemales have the biggest dicks? What is up with that?!?

I've stopped watching it now, but it's freaky deaky I'll tell you that.


CanadianSwiss said...

Couldn't be offended... The video wasn't available anymore. Maybe to my luck :)

GammaGoblin said...

Well I was "lucky" enough to see it last night. Man, it wasnt like a train wreck or a pile up; more like an atomic bomb! I even went blind from it! :)

xmichra said...

yep, me too. Not available.. must have been really bad.... now my curiosity is hanging!!

CanadianSwiss said...

Can you tell us the title of it, so that we can search? Really curious now!

Anonymous said...

My fantasy is to be dominated by shemales or a gangbang.