Friday, February 03, 2006

I knew this day would come

But I had never anticipated that it would come so quickly after it had started.

In the 14 months that I've known you, you have become my buddy, my pal, my constant companion. You were always by my side, ready to go when I was regardless of what you were doing.

You've never complained, well there was that one time but I think in the end it really was my fault so I can't lay all of the blame on you. I've bought you things, lots of things, and I've asked you to carry a lot for me, all the time you never complain.

Whatever I asked of you, you gave me willingly and freely never questioned my motives or my feelings you're wonderful like that.

So why was it when I asked you to carry some more things for me you replied "NO, I won't do it any longer." You made me cry, well not really but you really made me take stock of things. You made me look at things that were important and necessary.

But I will tell you this, even though you are "full" you'll always be my friend, even though you make me make choices about what I want around, I think you're worth it.

Thank you my iPod - even though your 40gigs are full!

***UPDATE*** I currently have 9141 songs on my iPod. According to iTunes I have almost 26 days worth of music, that's 624 hours. Now considering that I listen to my iPod about 7 hours a day it would take me more than 89 days to listen to each and every song. I've got everything from Reggae to Showtunes to Pop to Disco to Rock to Hip-Hop, I'm a music whore, if it's got a beat I'll listen to it.


Andi said...

How long would it take for you to listen to ALL the songs on there?

Give us an idea of what kind of songs you have on it......

Kat said...

Jeez, my little ipod shuffle will only hold a little over a hundred, (or is it two hundred?) anywho, I've never even filled it up! I exchange the songs when i get tired of them.

Michael said...

Kat that's just blasphemy! You've got to fill that puppy up.

xmichra said...

*WAH*!! I wouldlove to have an iPod!! you are very blessed indeed with the music!