Friday, February 10, 2006

Mr. Clean - A Review

Mr. Clean
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Last week I was perusing my local Family Dollar store checking out the bargains.

Everyone loves a bargain, remember my incident when I was buying halloween gear?

Well I found this Mr. Clean Bathroom Cleaning Kit on sale, I'm a sucker for a gadget so I picked it up.

There are two types of "heads" that come with it. One that's pre-moistened for the sink, toilet, tiles, etc and another that is dry but has a scrubber on it and soap that's water activated for cleaning the tub/shower.

Well out of the two, the one that had the little scrubby stuff on it for the shower was much better than the pre-moistened one.

The thing has a head shaped like a diamond so it was great for getting in the corners, and it has a long and sturdy handle so scrubbing the corner of the tub and the tile was very easy. Much better than my normal, on my hands and knees type of scrubbing.

The premoistened one was ok for the sink and the faucet but overall it was too big and too left an icky film after it dried. It was too big to get all in between the faucet and handles easily.

Will I buy the refills? Well I'll buy the scrubby ones for the tub because it was a lot easier than my normal way of doing it.....but I doubt I'll buy the refills for the pre-moistened ones, one of the reasons was I still had to go over the sink with a paper towel to pick up what the cloth just pushed around instead of picking up.

Also, it needs it's own "storage space" because the handle is about 2 foot long folded and the head is pretty good size so if you have the room go for it! Otherwise if you're strapped for space I would just stick with a can of scrubbing bubbles!


The Big Finn said...

WOW! That's incredibly complicated! My mom used to just take a pair of my old warn pajamas, a bucket of water, and a little bit of Spic 'n Span, and just SCRUB THE SHIT out of our bathroom.
It seemed pretty clean to me, and she didn't really have to bother with all that supererogatory stuff.

Michael said...

Ah, TBF, Technology will be the end of our world, I know it!

Why are you up so late or is it early?

Karen said...

That sounds really complicated just to clean the bathroom. Very hi-tech :-)

The Big Finn said...

I went out last night, and ended up at my friends' house. We made the mistake of introducing Mr. J├Ągermeister to the party, and I ended up taking a taxi home in the wee hours. Still in a party mood, I decided to check the blogs and leave random comments. I guess I did this until about 4 a.m. Frankly, I'm surprised that any of my comments from this morning make any sense at all.

xmichra said...

I gave up with gadgets since the swiffer. I hate that thing.. and it doesn't fit in my broom closet! I just get my mother in law to try stuff out.. once in awhile there is something useful.

CanadianSwiss said...

I've also given up on most cleaning gadgets. What seems to really work is the ol' srcubbin' on all fours if you ask me.