Thursday, February 16, 2006

Post Valentine Excitement

Tuesday as you may recall was St Valentine's Day, what an exciting day for all of you lovers out there.

The Boyfriend and I had an exciting evening, his brother plus girlfriend were visiting The Boyfriend's Mom so we went over to their house to celebrate Valentine's Day by having delicious Hoagies from "Heros." We then sat around and watched the Olympics, what excitement!

Actually we did have a good time and The Boyfriend and I had decided that we weren't getting into all of that Valentine's Day stuff because we show our love for each other every day and don't need a stinking Hallmark Holiday to remind us. I feel the same way about Christmas actually!

But something exciting did happen on our trip to The Boyfriend's Mom's cell phone rang, the number displayed was one of the strangest I'd seen....letters, numbers and symbols, I almost didn't answer it because it was so strange but thank goodness I did, because it was NickleAnnie.

She was so sweet (and shy mind you) that we talked all the way to Grandma's House. We talked about the weather (how cold it is in the middle of Canada) and how she hates driving because of the traffic (we were literally sitting in traffic the whole time we were on the phone so she doesn't know what traffic really is).

So if anyone else wants to call me and tell me all about their exciting lives, let me know I'll send you my phone number.

If you've been reading around the blogs, as I'm sure you are apt to do, I bet you saw an interesting post over at Andi's where she announced her year of Travel. I am so lucky to be her first visit of the year. Perhaps after they visit The Boyfriend and I they may change their minds and decide to not travel this year!

I know I still owe you stories about the birthday, I'm writing them up and I'll dole them out like a cheap romance novel! They're coming, I promise!


Andi said...

I love that NickleAnnie calls people! She called me! I was stunned!

She is lovely.

CanadianSwiss said...

That sounds exciting. I haven't met many blogger fellows yet. Maybe that'll change. I hope so, anyway.

xmichra said...

I would call you, but my calling plan is evil and doesn't like you americans. I will have to save that for like april fools day or something!