Monday, February 06, 2006

A Throuple?

A Throuple?
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The Amazing Andi sent THREE Cards for my birthday. I think she knew something was going on, don't you?

Because it appears as though Billy & Carlos have found a friend and after this weekend it's offical they're a Throuple!

The Boy, as he is currently known by, was so excited that he had already received fan mail had to share by taking off his shirt and making a muscle for all the girls.

He told the boys on Friday night that he was straight, but by Saturday Night he was ready to go out to the bars with his glowstick and dance with his arms up in the air.

But seriously, Billy & Carlos do have a new friend, care of Olivia who sent it in my birthday box! As of now, he doesn't have a name, other than Boy, but I don't think that's gonna stick for long.

What should we name the new boy?


Lex said...

Happy Birthday

Ms Mac said...

He looks like a Jensen to me!

CanadianSwiss said...

Hmmm. He does have that Nordic look. How about Sven?

Rob7534 said...

You should name him Kyle. Because every Kyle I know is GAY!

It's a very gay name.

Kyle, or Morty :)