Thursday, March 30, 2006

American Inventor

Has anyone seen this show?

I keep missing it because I'm flipping channels on Thursday night and I always miss it. I caught the last 1/2 hour of the program tonight.

What is up with that Doug guy....he is THE MOST ANNOYING person I've ever seen.

This show is produced by Simon Cowell so I sort of expect a snarky kind of opinion but that Doug guy is the biggest "I think I know-it-all" I have ever seen. In fact on the program they did a quick 60 second "Mr. Know-it-all" replay of everytime he said "I know about this...." I know about that....

At least Simon has constructive criticism (or just out right advice) but this guy is just annoying in the bad kind of way.

Anyone else watch this show?


Anonymous said...

I saw the first one, but didn't bother watching any more because a) I'm not a big reality TV fan and b) so much of it was obviously faked.

I can handle them faking stuff, but just yaknow ... hide it well.


(I found your journal via Andrea. Although she doesn't know who I am either - Just another brit living in the area)


Anonymous said...

If you want a good play by play as well as some funny comments by viewers live as it was happenin, go check out

Robin said...

I caught the last 1/2 hour last night too! I'd never seen it before. That Doug is about the most obnoxious little gnome in the world.

Too bad he was pulled out of the ice when he fell through in teh Arctic!

Michael said...

Robin - I feel the same way...I'm actually surprised he didn't float all by himself. See he said that he's fallen through the ice several times, but I wonder how many times it was because he was PUSHED.

Thanks for the Tip Anon!