Tuesday, March 28, 2006


There was a farmer had a dog and Blingo was his name-o, B-LI-N-G-O, B-LI-N-G -O, B-LI-N-G-O and Blingo was his nameo.

Those are the words right?

I found this really cool site called Blingo and it's a search engine...please continue reading, don't stop!

You can win things when you use Blingo, really you can! All you have to do is register and then use Blingo to search, actually they use Google but by going through Blingo you have the chance of winning everything from movie tickets to iTunes Gift Certificates all the way up to even iPod Nano's!

Can you believe something free and you don't have to complete 42 tasks to get your free $500 worth of Soda!

Plus there are a couple of cool things that separate this from the other cheesy stuff on the Interweb, here's how it works:

1. We pick a bunch of random winning times.
2. Search at the right time and you win, instantly. No registration is required.
3. Then tell us where to send the prize.

Clicking search results or sponsored links does not increase your chances of winning, and
you're limited to 10 qualifying searches per day. The best way to win on Blingo is just to use it
whenever you want to search the web.

Also, if you put a link on your blog and have friends sign up under you.....if you win, THEY WIN! So how cool is that.....one of your friends signs up, they win a prize and you win the exact same thing, not something lame like a free paperback, you win the same thing they did.

So if you would like to become a Friend of Blingo (not be to confused with the friends of Bill W) then click on this button to be taken to the magical screen:



Jay said...

Of course, you can't win if you're Canadian.

Michael said...

I'm sorry Miss Jay! You win in my book though!

Kat said...

I joined.

Rob7534 said...

I want the IPOD!