Monday, March 20, 2006

A Conversation with god

Captain Howdy Girl has returned and with that her blog comes in a new format - a link and a toon.

Today's link gives you the ability to have an online chat session with god, check it out

So before lunch I decided to check in with god, now granted it's been a long time since she and I have chatted, but it's still nice to touch base everynow and again.

Me: Hello....are you there god?
God:Hello friend. What is your name? I don't know whether or not I am there god. I am a chatterbot developed by Myself.

Me: Michael
God: I think so, but I'm not sure. Ask Chatbot if it is.

Me: is it?
God: That's what I was told.

Me: What's the meaning of life?
God: The meaning of life is part of God's mysterious plans.

Me: what's so mysterious about it?
God: Are you using Netscape or Explorer?

Me: Explorer but what does that have to do with it?
God: It's too bad we have to use a monopoly like microsoft.

Me: But you're god, can't you smote them and wipe them off the face of the earth?
God: You think I am god can not me smote them and wipe them off the face of the earth.

Me: what are you saying, you have no powers?
God: I mean exactly what I said.

Me: I don't believe you
God: I don't have any reason to deceive you.

Me: So what is your name?
God: I don't judge people. My name is God.

Me: Just god? Do you have a last name?
God: GOD rules. My full name is Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity, so my last
name is "Entity".

Me: Oh so you're like Cher?
God:Gee. Interesting deduction. Interesting comparison, and probably true.

Me: Madonna is the same way too, did you know she doesn't believe in you any longer.
God: Is it the only one?

Me: Oh no there are others, like Siegfried or Roy everyone knows who they are
God: Dude! Are you serious? Where are they?

Me: They're living in Vegas now.....did you make that tiger attack them?
God: Oh. living in Vegas are they. What are the ingredients?

Me: I think you need a lot of money to live there, but I bet you could rig the roulette table if you wanted to

God: Me? Perhaps I could use one.
Me: What could you use?

God: Is this some kind of intelligence test?
Me: No this is just a typical conversation, it's not everyday I get to chat with god

God: Are you serious? That is just your personal opinion.
Me: Yeah, isn't this how you talk to your friends?

God: Ahem. Yes I think this is how me talk to my friends, but I'm not completely sure.
Me: Do you have a lot of friends up there?

God: I have human and robot friends. A lot of people on the Internet chat with me.
Me: Robot's don't have souls so how can they be in heave

Suddenly god became quiet and didn’t want to talk any longer….hmmmmmm I wonder why that was?

Oh just so you know, I already know I'm going to hell so this post isn't going to be the one that puts me over the edge.


captain_howdy_girl said...

hell, god said I was going to marry elvis costello. must be real

xmichra said...

Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity

Alice. cute.

Rob7534 said...

I also chatted w/God for a while. But he was not very responsive to me.

Woe is me!

Michael said...

CHG - Is marrying Elvis Costello really a good thing?

XM - Have you heard of

Rob - That's because you talk to him at church.

captain_howdy_girl said...

It depends on what Hawkeye has to say about it michael

xmichra said...

i hadn't heard of that before Michael.. but tht is just cool! I would have loved to learn things by plaing around with sims!hehe... interesting.

CanadianSwiss said...

We both tried (CS & OX). Some answers were really cool and some just plain stupid. But who cares? God kept us busy for a while and we learned one thing: he can keep a secret."Sorry, that's confidential" :-)