Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Funky Kool-Aid

Funky Kool-Aid
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What kind of funky kool-aid flavors do you have in your neck of the woods?

I typically don't use a full cup of sugar because I don't like it Hawaiin Punch sweet but I did this time since it was a new flavor. Jamaica tastes like.....not really sweet a little bit sour...not overpowering just sort of "RED"

You can tell how red it was by my tongue that was after only one sip of the powerful elixir!


Rob7534 said...

Yum! And they say "Red" Kool-ade aint a flavor!

CanadianSwiss said...

No cool-aid in Switzerland, but I don't miss it that much.

By the way, you've dyed you hair darker again?

Michael said...

CS - That's the joy of having short hair.....I got a flat-top when we went to Atlanta so that got rid of a lot of the blonde.

It'll make another appearance though, I promise!

Kat said...

So what does Jamaica taste like??

We drink crystal light raspberry lemonade or Country time strawberry lemonade here. If we do get Kool-aid, we stick with the old favs. Grape, Cherry, pink lemonade. What can I say, my girls are picky.

Robin said...

I haven't had Kool-aid in forever! I used to like Grape the best, but made with about half the sugar. I liked it tart. Yummy...

My kids have never had Kool-aid. Does that make me a mean mom?

ads510 said...

tropical punch is my fave, but i make it with splenda instead.
that seroiusly is the reddest koolaid i've ever seen!

xmichra said...

we don't 'do' koolaid in our house. For that reason exactly.. it is the flavour of a color and uses refined sugar. I must be a bad mom too... but Kira will have beautiful teeth damn it!