Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I don't think so!

I just found out that I'm going to a conference in Greenville, NC for work. I went to the same conference last year and had a great time. It's not until May but I thought I'd start looking at itineraries now.

Well last year I flew direct from Chicago to Greenville, but apparently this year there are no longer any direct flights. It looks as though I'm going to have to fly through Atlanta (NO WAY) or Charlotte (much better choice).

When we book travel online, after you pick the flights you want it comes back and says "Hey check out this, these flights are cheaper" Which means, you'd better look at these because otherwise you're gonna get busted if you don't take one of them.

Well one of the itineraries was as follows:

7:40 AM - Chicago to Cincinatti
12:45 PM - Cincinatti to Columbus, OH
5:33 PM - Columbus to Charlotte, NC
9:45 PM - Charlotte to Greenville, arriving at 11:00 pm EST

Which in essence means 15 hours of travel in three different states, oh hell no!


Andi said...

That does seem a trifle excessive!

CanadianSwiss said...

Unless you have all the time on your hands, love discovering new airports and are completely bored, don't go for it! :-)

ads510 said...

why would they make you fly from chicago to cincy and then back up north to columbus? that makes noooo sense. but i'm not at all surprised

Kat said...

You could probably drive there faster.

xmichra said...

15 hours is a LOONG day. I would try and convince that the time is more valuble than the money. What are you going to learn if all your enery is used recouping form a lengthy tavel?? hehe.. try that one ...

Rob7534 said...

way too indirect for my taste. But if the company is paying for it, take the more direct route, that costs more.

And why won't you layover in atlanta?

Michael said...

Rob - If I had the choice to layover in Charlotte versus Atlanta I would definitely choose Charlotte.

Charlotte is a much smaller airport which means fewer gates, which means an easier time to transport between flights. Atlanta has five terminals so if you're flying into terminal one but have to get to terminal four it could take you a good 15 minutes on just getting there, not counting travel to/from the gate to the train.

clew said...

DAMN! you might as well drive if it's going to take THAT long!

Oops, Kat already said that.

Oh well ;)

If you DO fly, is there enough time to grab a Donato's pizza while you're in Columbus? Yum ...

Michael said...

All - If my company told me that was the route I had to take, I would say well you know what....I'm not going then!

I actually found a really good flight that I can live with.

Clew - Donato's is good pizza I remember them when I used to live there.