Saturday, March 04, 2006

I must remember........

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To get some of that new Ultra Charmain for our house guests that arrive next week.

Goodness knows I wouldn't want her to think I use 1-ply!


Andi said...

Only the best for your guest!

I'm sure she would put up with 1-ply if she had to...... she seems reasonable!

*crosses fingers that Michael doesn't believe a word she says*

Rob7534 said...

YAY! For the squeezable comfort of Charmin!

I don't believe I'll be able to make Andi's appearance in the City. I'm so sorry babe! Rehearsal, working nights, and teaching. I promise, next time!

Cross my heart!

Ms Mac said...

Watch out she doesn't fart on you Michael! Although, I think that may be her way of showing affection!