Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It really happened

I guess I'm going with the "happened" headline today.

So I'm perusing FARK today (if you haven't been there I suggest you click on the linky, it's pretty fun).

There's a link to a story about a guy who got caught trying to get the nasty on with a sheep, in Arizona nonetheless....not even like Alabama or West Virginia or Kentucky even (where you might expect it - sorry to those readers in those states I'm just teasing ya know).

What I find interesting (disgusting actually) is that someone tried to get it on with a sheep? I mean we all hear the jokes and they even sell those blow up sheep dolls at the Adult Boutique (or so I've been told, ahem) but really I never thought anyone would actually try to have sex with a sheep.

I mean I grew up on a farm and everyone tells stories of how they used to go "Cow Tipping" which is a load of malarky if you ask me....I mean really do you think that you're going to sneak up on a 1200 pound animal in the middle of the night and tip it over.....anyways, Cows do lie down to sleep. Plus do you really think you're going to walk all the way through a cow pasture and not step in something which makes you scream out in disgust and warn the animals that you're on the way to tip them over?!?

So if you have actually gone cowtipping I'd like to know about it....share your story. But please if you've tried to get it on with a sheep, I think you should just hold onto that story.


Kat said...

ewwwwwww. I lived next to a cow field. They moo all damn night, when is it they sleep long enough to get tipped?

Kat said...

That eww was for the sheep incident, btw. Or maybe I should have said ewe?

I went and read the link, it says he knocked on the door first and the teenaged daughter called her dad, sounds like it's a good thing she didn't open the door. I bet she was first choice and the poor little lamb second.

CanadianSwiss said...

Very strange. I can't understand people getting off on animals.