Friday, March 31, 2006

King Kong - Miniseries, Part One

I bought the new King Kong yesterday at the Red Dot Boutique.

If there's a movie I want to own, I always buy it the week it comes out. The prices are usually in the $15-17 range the first week (so they can have HIGH sales) and then the following week it goes up to MSRP, so if I want it, I get it ASAP so I don't have to pay MSRP.

Since I knew the new version was coming out, I prefaced it by watching the original King Kong over the weekend. If you have never seen the original you really need to, the special effects and the things they did were totally innovative and amazing for that period (1933). Today of course it looks cheesy and old fashioned, but they were really on the cutting edge of cinema technology back then.

So, the new version of Kong is 181 minutes long (that's 3 hours 1 minute) compared to the original that was 100 minutes (1 hour 40 minutes) so how did they double the movie you ask?

Well, since this new version is so long I'm watching it as a mini-series, I watched 1 hour last night and got up to the point where they find the island. Tonight is hour 2 and then tomorrow I'll finish it off with the final hour.

I know you probably think I'm crazy, but to sit and watch a 3-hour movie all at once is just beyond me at this time, I have got to be SO INTO it that I wouldn't mind the time, but I'm not that "into" Kong but I still want to watch it.

Has anyone else seen this new version and if you have, did you see the original to compare it to?

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CanadianSwiss said...

I've seen the original, of course and the technology for that time was realy advanced. I'm in Europe, so the new version isn't out yet. But as soon as it is, I'll get it for sure and pick a rainy afternoon to watch it.