Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Night TV

I look forward to Monday night with both excitement and dread.  Excitement because it’s a great TV night!

There’s the King of Queens which is still funny after all this time, although I sort of watch it through the corner of my eye instead of full on, it’s just sort of on in the background.

But at the same time is Wife Swap – I love watching dysfunctional families get more dysfunctional.  And now there’s that whole Deal or No Deal, what’s a boy to watch?

Well actually I forgot about Deal/No Deal and Wife Swap and instead finished up a few projects I had going on here.  I caught the middle/end of “How I met your mother” that show is interesting but I’m afraid to invest any time in it that they’ll cancel it without notice and you’ll never really know who the kids mother is!  So I try not to watch that so I don’t get disappointed down the road.

Then there’s Two and a Half Men….I know a lot of people don’t like that show, but I think it’s funny.  Charlie Sheen is a great comedic actor, he’s such a great “straight man” to John Cryer’s psycho.

But the real drama comes at 9:00 Central (10:00 Eastern) it’s now the biggest choice of the evening there’s Medium on Channel 5 or CSI: Miami on Channel 2…what to watch what to watch.

I LOVE Medium.  I think that Patricia Arquette is a great TV Actress and does a good job of portraying a psychic, I love the stories and the background and the psychic stuff….but at the same time there’s CSI that satisfies the inner geek in me.  

The geek that needs to see the gadgets and see the recreations….what to watch…what to watch…..

Well if I planned it right, which I never do, I watch Medium for the first half of the season and then watch CSI for the second half when Medium is on re-runs.  If it works out right when it’s a re-run for Medium since I haven’t been watching CSI it’s new for me!

So what are you watching on TV tonight?


CanadianSwiss said...

I watched CSI N.Y., Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan. For us, Monday night is always "crime night".

Kat said...

I ended up watching a DVD. But two and a half men used to be one of my favorite shows. This season I lost track of it somehow. I also used to watch CSI Miami, but that redheaded guy gets on my nerves. I prefer the regular CSI on Thursdays.

I watch Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan on Sunday nights. Two of my favorite shows. :)

Andi said...

I completely agree with you about the networks cancelling shows.

I hope they don't cancel "How I Met Your Mother" coz that is a funny show and NPH is sooo sexy and funny......

Two and Half Men is good too but they won't cancel that, it's been on too long.

I keep forgetting to tape Medium and the rest, I don't care about.

Never have watched an episode of Nanny Swap.......

Michael said...

Andi - you're really failing on your TV watching aren't you? It's Nanny 911 and Wife Swap....but Nanny Swap might be a good show too.

xmichra said...

I don't watch any nature of swapping. Don't know why.

Never watched MEdium, butmy mother in law has been trying to get us to watch it.

On mondays we are pretty busy, so we generally only get to watch "Related" on the WB. That's a pretty cutsie show, i know. But I like it.

I didn't know they were still making king of queens or two and a hlaf men. Shows just how into those I weer I guess.. but i thought they were funny.. or at least I thought i did.

Couldn't agree more with Kat up there and the CSI Miami. David is just too evil.. he alway s has that DUn-DUN-DUHHHH look to him. Very soap opera-ish. I love CSI Vegas, and CSI NY (mmmm... gary..)

Sam said...

Medium wins hands down.