Monday, March 27, 2006

My House Smells like 7-Up, Part I

This is a Two Part posting because it was too long for one, I know you'll get bored and stop reading (I would).

I burned my last stick of incense on Friday night……so I had to go replenish my stock.

Incense, you’re thinking….people still burn that? Yes it’s actually very popular still. But I need to qualify that I’m not into all of the hippie incense that is out there, I like the fruity (go ahead laugh) and clean smelling type. For example there are several types of incense that I will never purchase nor EVER burn in my house, Patchouli is the one at the TOP of the list….oh my god, patchouli makes me gag, literally. If you want to make Michael puke make him smell hot tar, licorice or patchouli any will have the desired effect you’re seeking.

I’m not into the “woody” or really strong scents like frankincense, myrrh, or sandalwood all way too strong for me. See herein lies the problem, The Boyfriend likes those scents, his favorite is nag champa which whenever he asks me to smell I blow OUT my nose and go “oh, that’s a little strong”

The good thing though is we’re not intense incense people, you know the kind….like they’re running a Buddhist temple in their home and it’s always smoky to give you that “just prayed” feeling. We’ll burn incense every now and again…..I mean it’s been at least 9 months since I last went and stocked up (and that was only 20 sticks) so as you can see we don’t burn much.

Alas, I burned my last stick this past Friday night when my friend Chris came over to do some Tarot readings for me. He has been taking a class to learn how to read and he was looking for “willing participants” to do readings for. I said sure come on over!

So I figured I had to set the mood so I got the smoke machine out of the closet, lit a couple tea lights and lit my last stick of incense --- strawberry.

Well Chris came over and all I can say is that his readings were right on! I know a little bit about Tarot…I used to have a set of cards and I’ve got a few books, I know the basic layouts but I never really “learned” everything that a card stood for, all the hidden meanings, especially when it was upside down…it’s all too much.

We did several readings, The Celtic (or Cross), the Tree of Life (but he called it something else), a Past/Present/Future one, and one called Blind Spot. All I will reveal is that the cards were right on about 80% of the time.

Now I know that Tarot cards are just like horoscopes: there’s no way they can write one horoscope that is going to cover every person under that sign so they’re vague, short and give so many cross signals that you can never tell if it’s right or not. So based on that I take Tarot readings with a grain of salt. But really the cards were on, more so than I wanted to admit to my friend, but since I know my fair share about it I could do some kind of interpretation of my own.

He taught me a few things that I didn’t know…like Cups always represent Emotion, Wands represent your Inner Core, Swords represent your Power and Pentacles represent our Intellect.

The one thing that really surprised me were the preponderance of cups…very strange I must say.

If you’re in the Chicago area and you would be interested in a reading….let me know and I’ll forward your information to my friend.

So that's why I burned my last stick of incense and I had to go get some more....that's when I found the most delightful.....oh you'll need to check in later for the second part of the story.

Stay Tuned for Part II


Kat said...

I'm like you with the incense. It takes me forever to get through a whole pack. But my favorite is Sandalwood. It is a bit strong, but I like to burn it in a room I'm not in upstairs, and it floats all over the place.

Andi said...

My mum gave me a set of tarot cards and an instruction book just before she passed away.

I really should get around to reading it.

xmichra said...

I do tarot readings as well, and it would just figure for you and the cups.

I love incense.. but i use it less and less each year. I generally go with a more clean smell myself. Something that usually has the name 'ocean breeze' or 'atmosphere' or something like that. I like the fruit ones that are tropical, like pineapple.

I would have read the second part hands down! Very interesting!!