Saturday, March 04, 2006

Question for the day?

DO YOU......Trust bloggers who don't post any pictures at all?

Discuss amongst yourselves.



xmichra said...

yes actually. But just as much as those who do..heh. The way I see it, is if you tlak to someone on line you are going to run the risk of them not being the person they pic anyways. So what if someone wants to be annonymous. that's what's so great about this web thing. BUT, having said that, i would make sure I was in a crowded place If I ever was to meet.. and then make sue the person wasn't a freak.. hehe.

captain_howdy_girl said...

I read two blogs (by men incidentally) who obviously make up or exaggerate a lot of their stories. I still read their blogs because they entertain. One never posts and photos and the other just downloads pictures online or photoshops something.
Do I trust them? Well I know they aren't above lying but it's not important either.
Look how far post secret gets with his photoshopped little postcards he makes.

Anne said...

I dont post that many pics on my blog (only one of myself so far) because I dont want anyone in my real world to read my blog and I am there are things that I want to discuss on my blog without my brother reading...

But I do tend to believe bloggers who let you see a glimpse into their real life.

Interesting topic. Maybe I need to post more pics!

Robin said...

No more or less than I trust any other blogger! I kind of feel like it's up to the individual how much they want to reveal to the blogging world.

But I do enjoy getting photo glimpses into others' lives. It's the voyeur in me...


CanadianSwiss said...

Why not?! Some people just want to write and I think it can be very interesting too.

Although I love picts. ;-)

Rob7534 said...

Depends on the level of trust. Reading a blog requires no real tangable link, but if you were to say perhaps MEET a blogger, for lunch, or whatever, a picture might be ease the nerves!

Rather like a blind date otherwise. And if they had been photo-blogging all along, then there is the illusion of a more complete sense of the person.