Friday, March 24, 2006

Smoking in the Boys Room


Allegedly a 25 year old woman in Lake County Florida was arrested for smoking mary-jane! No not the shoes or the little girl down the street, the illegal drug.

What you say? How did that happen? Was she sitting in front of the police HQ? Was she driving down the road with her baby in her lap smoking a doobie and passed the cops?

No she was at home with her baby, so why did she get arrested?

Well apparently in her smoke filled home her 11 day old baby, that's right 11 days old (who wants to bet she didn't stop smoking while she was pregnant), started choking so she did what any "responsible" parent would do.....dialed 911 and then took another hit off the bong (I don't know if she did that or not, I'm taking liberties)

When the po-po arrived along they found her baby screaming (uhm how can it be screaming if it's choking?) and a room full of smoke that smelled like that wacky tabacky!

They rushed the baby to the hospital with life-threatening breathing problems and then charged the mommy with smoking mary-jane around her daughter. I mean come on, if the kids gonna learn about that wouldn't you rather they find out about it at home instead of on the street?

Apparently she was unable to post bond (uhm, hello isn't bond only like 10% of the total bail? Doesn't she have a Triple A card? I know you can use that for bond? I'm surprised she doesn't know a bailbondsman?) and is sitting in jail, she is quoted as saying "I just feel I have been really inconvenienced"

I bet they give her the baby back.


Andi said...

"Not the shoes or the little girl down the street"

Laughing my arse off right now at a time when I need a laugh!

Cheers Michael!

Oh and she will soooooooooo get the baby back!

Kat said...

I'm surprised she doesnt have the baby with her in lock up.

xmichra said...

that is just so wrong. I feel so sorry for that baby.

Some people should require a licence to breed.