Friday, March 03, 2006

So what's up with that?

Geez, I have a Blogversary and then I stop posting, what's up with that?

I apologize for my lack of posting but life has gotten busy (you all know how that can be). Work has been keeping me busy during working hours (if you can believe that) and when I've gotten home I've been working on some projects that I need to complete, so I'm sorry I haven't posted.

In fact this morning as I was driving home from The Boyfriends house (yes you read that right I stayed at his house last night) I was trying to remember when I last posted....and it was a week ago, my how time flies!

So what is up with everyone butting in line whether it's in a car or in line for the elevator or escalator or my personal favorite the train.

I live a few short blocks from the CTA and I know my stop. What I mean by that is I know where the train is going to stop and where the doors are going to be when it I always position myself in the right spot so that when the train stops and the doors open I can just step right onto the train. The one thing that totally gets under my skin is when people try to get in front of me...I mean I'm standing right where the door is going to be and I'm at the edge of the platform yet people insist on shoving in front to be "the first" one on the train. Well buddy guess what, there's already 200 people on the train you're not the first one.

While I'm on the topic of butting in line, why can't American's form a line? When we were in London last year (oops 2004 now) I was amazed at how organized those Brits were in "The Tube". Everyone got on and off the train in an organized manner and WOW - when riding the escalator they stood on the right and walked on the left....what an amazing concept!

We Americans (even with the use of signs) still think that an escalator is free game and you can stand/walk/lay down where ever whenever you want to regardless of the number of people that are standing behind you wanting to pass.

Oh no, now I've gotten myself started.....It isn't just the escalator it's the Sidewalk too. Now for those of you who don't have to worry about walking on the sidewalk everyday, which side do you think you walk on? On the right, right? Well that's what a normal person would think but here in Chicago people walk on the left, on the right, down the middle and then when you don't move out of their way they give you the evil eye. I always walk on the right and I used to move when people would be walking on my side (their Left) but now I don't anymore, I make them move. That and people who have to walk 3 astride down the sidewalk and then when they see you, you're forced to move out onto the street to get by, how rude!

Ok, I'm done ranting now, aren't you glad I'm back?

Hey have a HAPPY FRIDAY!


Kat said...

Glad your back! Real life getting in the way of cyber life? How rude. lol

I am constantly after my oldest. Instead of walking on the right side of the hall, mall, whatever, she wants to go left. It's natural for her cuz she's left-handed. She's learning though, and remembering better now. :)

xmichra said...

I have misse dyou Michael!! Rants ans all!1 .. but that is a pet peeve of mine as well, the people on the escalator thing. The sidewalks here arent'too bad.

CanadianSwiss said...

We've missed you Michael. We're just back from Holland, and I need to write too. Have a lot to say. But lack of time, I understand. And I love London. Isn't it amazing how they actually can queue there? And it works! Damn it, I wish peopl would be like that everywhere!!