Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Why did this happen?

How is that that Tom Delay, who was indicted for felony money laundering and forced to step down as the House Majority Leader won the primary in Texas?!? That makes no sense to me. LINK

And now, something near and dear to my heart - homosexuals. I can't figure out why Americans remain so closed-minded, puritanical and just plain stupid? This summer Chicago is going to be hosting the Gay Games which I think is amazing, but personally since I'm not a sports minded boy it's not that big of a deal to me. I lived in Atlanta when they hosted the Olympics and it was more of a hassle living there during that time...but the results were spectacular.

So there's a big controversy going on right now (just like when they held the Olympics in Atlanta) in Crystal Lake where a rowing event is scheduled to take place LINK

Everyone is up in arms because they don't want the Mo's coming into their town and spoiling everything. They had a vote at the Park District last week on whether to allow the event to occur, it was 2 to 2 with one person absent (conveniently the President of the Park District Board). Last night they held another vote (with the President this time) and it passed 3 to 2.

It's all over the news this morning and the best are those ignorant people spouting off rhetoric about something they know nothing about.

The best one was this ratty haired mother who said "I protect my children, I make sure I know what they're doing and what they're exposed to, I can't believe that the Park District would allow something like this to happen." I would have loved an opportunity to ask her if she lets her children watch TV or play video games....I think that they would be exposed to much more dangerous and potentially life altering things via those channels than one event on one day happening in a Park District that probably is nowhere near where she lives, I'd also like to ask her if she and her family regularly attends the park in question. It just amazes me how people can spout off yet have no idea of the real impact.

She may be "protecting" her children but really what's she's doing is teaching them that it's ok to hate and not be tolerant of other people, races, lifestyles, etc.

Maybe that's what she wants to teach them, but then again that's her choice isn't it?

I think it's time to Grow Up America!


Ms Mac said...

Does anyone know why the USA is slowly trying to turn the world backwards? How can it be in this day and age that people such as this mother can still exist? Do they walk around with their eyes and ears as tightly closed up as their minds in case they learn something new?

Ignorance is as ugly as hate. Sadly, one breeds the other.

Kat said...

Awesome rant!

I know people who talk about homosexuality like it is evil or something. They treat people different than them like they are tainted or something. They usually turn out to be bible thumping go-every-Sunday-why-don't-you people too. You're right, soem people just need to grow up.

Rob7534 said...

I feel the same way Michael. My hope is that Delay loses to his Democratic rival. We can hope, after all he is still toxic! The Repubs have no ethics whatsoever. They will sink to any level to get one of their own in Congress.

Ms Mac, these will forever be known as the American Dark Ages when we eventually re-emerge.

CanadianSwiss said...

That lady should protect her children from herself! What is WRONG with those people?!!?

xmichra said...

oh my god Michael, YOUR GAY?? I didn't know that! I am so marching my ignorant narrow minded oppressive ass to my closet and dissinfecting my whole computer! I have to save kira from all the homo-ness...


Karen said...

Blech. Every day the US isolates itself even more. BTW, if you and The Boyfriend ever decide to tie the proverbial knot, just hop up to Canada for the weekend and we will be pleased to acquiese. Hoping that our current administration won't be successful in trying to reverse any related legislation.