Saturday, March 25, 2006

You asked for it

***The Link Works Now - So sorry : -( ***

As you may remember Andi & George came up for a visit a few weekends ago. Click on the picture below to get the true story of what happened!


Andi said...

and folks - please ignore the fact that I look fat, pale and hot.

Three things you don't want to look like when being introduced to the world in video format :)

Great Job Michael. You totally captured the spirit of the whole weekend!

xmichra said...

i clicked. nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

Same here. *cry*

g said...

I still think that the dark haired guy in the white checked shirt is a handsome and funny mutha-fkr.

Great video, please send a CD to us.


Michael said...

Don't worry G, you'll get'll really get it!