Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Uhm, wasn't this episode JUST on like a week or two ago? Unless I'm having TV Deja vu I could swear that I just saw this exact show a short time ago.....what's up CBS?


Rob7534 said...

**Off Topic**

What is this new tea Andi is raving about on her blog? Hot Orange Snapple tea?

I have to try it! Where can I get it.

Ms Mac said...

I was desperate to like CSI NY, you know with Mmmmmmm.....Gary Sinise.... and everything but I just can't get into these CSI thingies. Not like Without a Trace- now there's a good show!

Kat said...

Was that a rerun? Gee, I suppose I should watch it more than twice a season. But, then I don't get stuck watching reruns!

So what did the chick see on the computer? I was kinda thinking maybe the guy videoed them and put it on the web.

Michael said...

Rob - I got it at Jewel, there's 4 flavors - Orange, Berry, Lemon and something else, check it out, yummy!

Ms. Mac - I watch it when there's nothing else on.

All - I think it was more of a continuation of a story line, because they "recovered" a tattoo and I could have sworn that there was a story line a few weeks ago about the same kind of tattoo....but it was on a kid who had it done "outside" the gang....they must be trying to get this gang in trouble or something.

Andi said...

Don't even get me started on the bloody TV shows I like being repeated and shown in no specific order WHATSOEVER!

*stamps foot*

xmichra said...

I still have my love for CSI NY.. and gary is why. hehe.

I thought I had seen this one a few weeks ago too, but for the life of me I couldn't recall what else happened. so it must be a continued storyline.