Thursday, April 27, 2006

Finally Foie Gras Free

Chicago, in it's infinite wisdom has solved all of it's crime issues, who has declared itself "nuclear free" since 1986 has finally decided that enough foie gras is enough foie gras.

Yes, the City of Chicago banned the sale of Foie Gras within it's boundry. YEAH Chicago, I always got so tired of going to Denny's and being upset that they had foie gras next to my Grand Slam breakfast.

Come on people! Obviously we don't have enough crime or drug issues to be solved in the city that the city council is voting on banning a food item that is only available at gourmet food outlets and a handful of restaurants in the entire city........I agree that they "manufacture" of foie gras may be a bit barbaric, but don't we have bigger things to focus on?

Here's a link to the story so you can see I'm not making this up.


Andi said...

I had that for dinner on Saturday night! It was awesome. Imagine that. I get to like something and a revolution on banning it gets started!

CanadianSwiss said...

Whaaat?!! Foie gras is banned in Chicago?? OMG. *Taking pulse* I'm okay. That means if we come visit you one day, we'll just have to smuggle some foie gras over the border (and a nice bottle of Sauternes).

xmichra said...

hehe... i can't believe that made it up the adgenda of importance.. even if i do agree with it. *ew*... i just don't have the taste for foie gras

Michael said...

Andi - It is yummy isn't it? But only in small portions.

CS - we'll have to drive to Wisconsin to get Cheese and Foie Gras as you may have more problems bringing it over in your luggage, you'll get stopped at the Cook County border and they'll make you unload everything.

XM - Yes can you believe does taste yummy, quite buttery.

captain_howdy_girl said...

well michael, when I look into the eyes of another animal I do not feel superior.
There are many important issues in the world to be delt with. When we can fix one we should. Maybe they can't fix the drug issue just yet. I don't think animal abuse is a small issue. Actually I'm a little hurt that you think it is.
Hope you will view these videos.

Michael said...

CHG - I'm not agreeing to animal abuse but I think that a city (especially one the size of Chicago) has many many more issues to deal with instead of outlawing foie gras.

Within the last 2 months here, at least 5 children have been shot and killed in gang related "drive by" shootings. People in this city are dying because someone is selling a prescription drug as heroin and they're overdosing.

I grew up on a farm and I know where meat comes from. I'm not saying that I'm superior, but I think we have a lot of other problems that need to be fixed first.

Kat said...

I'm betting most of Chicago has never even heard of foie gras.

RcktMan Rick said...

Isn't it such a relief? We can finally get on with our lives. Thanks, Chicago City Council!!!

The Big Finn said...

I was wondering what ever happened with this important issue. Now I know. Thanks.

captain_howdy_girl said...

Yes michael, but as I said they can't fix all of the problems in the city. what's wrong with fixing an easy one? They can't get rid of the drugs and crime but they can put an end to this particular animal torture and murder.
Maybe a few fat bitches will be disappointed but hey they can still throw on a fur coat to cover their giant asses and go out for some veal.