Thursday, April 20, 2006

Go Go Bikers Go!

There's a misconception that bikers are a bad lot, well of course in any subset of human life there are the good and the bad. These bikers are GOOD!

Remember my post earlier this week about the hate mongering reverend phelps (he doesn't deserve capital letters) and how he and his church (which are only his family members) are protesting at Military funerals because they support America which in turn supports homosexuality.

Well recently a 24 year old Marine from the Chicago area was killed in Iraq. His funeral was yesterday and the phelps' were there protesting, with their stupid little "thank god for dead soldiers" protest signs and shouting vulgarities...but you know what, the family didn't even see them because 25,653 members of the Patriot Guard Riders shielded the family from those pathetic protestors.

Here's the LINK

I guess my biggest question is that whenever you make up your own religion you can justify anything can't you? I'm not a "religious" person by any nature, but I don't understand how someone who claims to be a reverend can shout vulgarities at a passing funeral, that is beyond reprehensible. But hey I guess they don't have any problems sleeping at night do they?

I wonder if the US Gov't recognizes their church as a legitimate church? Interesting.


xmichra said...

I would be so releived to see these guys at a funeral for a loved one.. they have this whole respect thing down, and that't just awsome.

Could you imagine being the phelps though? That small little group being surroundsed by 25,653 people on motorcycles?? Gotta admit, even though those phelps are loonie, they must have balls o' steel for standing up for what the 'beleive' in with that kind of resistance.

I know I would be too scared!

Kat said...

That's awesome. You know I have three bikers living in my little suburban neighborhood. None of them look like what you would think a biker would.

Karen said...

My question is what happens to these guys (phelps and his "congregation" (read: family)) when they finally meet their maker, who apparently is the same maker of those against whom phelps has been protesting? Does that make sense? I mean really, these people are acting in a way that is totally against the conventions of the religion. How can this guarantee access to the next life that they believe in when the very same people that they tormented are appearing at the same pearly gates having lived much more peaceful lives?

The bikers are cool. The phelps are not.

captain_howdy_girl said...

that is so cool about the bikers.

I am starting my own religion soon, maybe sunday, I'll have to wait and make sure there arern't any good movies on that day

Michael said...

Karen - I think you're absolutely right, but the good thing about making up your own religion is you get to make up the rules (even as you go). So perhaps in their mind if they "don't do this" then they'll go to hell.

CHG - You've already got worshipers!

Karen said...

Maybe I am getting too philosophical! But ... if there is a group who claims to be Christian (or Muslim or Jewish or whatever), but thinks that they are the only ones following the "true" teachings of the religion and that other Christian (or fill in the blank) denominations are not, does a version of heaven, that they have imagined, exist for these people, when really they are breaking every single tenant that the religion actually stands for. Do they arrive at the gates of heaven only to find that St. Pete says "Sorry dudes, you had it all wrong, down you go"? Or does St. Pete say "Well, you thought that you were following the religion, so "A" for effort even though you really screwed up, come on in"?

I think that I need a caipirinha!

Michael said...

Karen - that's a great explanation. It's really too bad that no one comes back to tell us what it's really like...could you just imagine?

I LOVE CAIPIRINHA's! Truly I do, we had some wonderful one's on my birthday with the crushed ice and all...a few weeks ago I went to dinner and they had the menu but they were crap, crap I tell you. I need to find some of that liquor and start making them myself at home : -)

Karen said...

Too bad glass liquor-filled bottles don't travel well in the mail, otherwise I'd send you one! The security people at US Mail would probably have a coniption!

CanadianSwiss said...

I guess the thought of " In the US, everything is possible. Freedem of speech, freedom of thought." has its good sides and its bad sides, doesn't it? Sometimes, it just makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Heard a quote once, along the lines of:

There are good men who will always do good things,
There are evil men who will always do evil things, but,
for good men to do evil things, you have to have religion involved.

Don't remember who said it - guess I could look it up - but it sure sounds about right to me! Now as to whether the phelps (i agree on the capitaliztion) were good or evil prior to religion ........ I have a hunch the latter is more appropriate at least for the leader? and the followers were convinced with the religion!