Friday, April 28, 2006

A Grand Unveiling

Well a friend of a friend of mine is having a grand unveiling this evening. For years and years this guy has worn a hair it's not one of those really tacky ones that you can tell is a hairpiece but still it's a hair piece. I guess he felt a bit insecure without it, since I have all of my hair I don't know he feels but I'm sure it could make you feel pretty bad.

Well......after years and years of this, and everyone basically knowing that he was wearing a toupee he decided to go hair free. This past weekend he went to a stylist had the piece removed and shaved his head.

So tonight is the great "unveiling" and I'm excited to see him...he was a good looking man with the piece so I'm sure he's a good looking man without it.

At least he won't have to worry about this anymore:

And why is it that for a woman it's called a wig but for men it's called a toupee?!? It's the same thing right?


Andi said...

Oh, tell me who it is? Do I know them?

*thinks of Art/Tom/Dave*

*then thinks perhaps not*

They have perfect hair.......

xmichra said...

My husband shaved his head this week. i have been meaning to post about that...

Karen said...

Great pic!

I think it's quite courageous of him to just shave his head - in the end, he'll probably be much happier with it anyhow. Hair is a bother, either way you look at it ;-)

captain_howdy_girl said...

I was with you until "shaved his head"
To me the most unattractive man in the world is a bald man who shaves his head. We can all tell, we see the stubble only coming in around the sides and back. He isn't fooling anyone. To me it's worse than a rug. It's like the guys is trying to be cool. It's like he thinks, hmmm, I'll just shave it all of than everyone will think I'm antiestablishment.
I could never go out with a bald man. That's a problem I have, I just don't find them very manly. But a bald man who shaves his head makes me laugh every time.

CanadianSwiss said...

I say: Reveal the bald spot instead of hiding it with a low-class rug.

BTW, there is a difference between a wig and a toupee. A wig is a piece that covers the whole head, whereas the toupee is a small hairpiece that covers only partial baldness.