Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Yesterday we went to see Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

The Man (aka The Boyfriends Son) is 6 years old and he loves going to the movies, so The Boyfriend always takes him to go see the latest big hit. If it's something I'm interested in I'll join them, otherwise I'll politely decline. Since I'm a child at heart I may take unfair advatage of the situation and "go for the sake of The Man" but really want to go myself!

Ice Age is very child appropriate, even going so far as to remove most of the adult humor disguised as something a child might find funny. Ray Romano is sort of cloying in this movie, I'm not a fan of his voice but I love his comedy and I love Everybody Loves Raymond, but I think it's because it's ensemble thing instead of just him. His voice sort of gets to me after a while, and this is coming from someone who has an annoying voice himself!

The story is sort of lame but really what do you expect. You know everything that's going to happen but it's still funny and you still laugh.

The little "Squirrel" guy from the first movie totally steals the seond one as well.

Final Review:
Would I watch it again? YES
Why? It's one of those movies you can watch without having to pay attention to it.

Would I recommend it to a friend? YES, but only if they had children.

So, now that that nice stuff is out of the way. What the fuck is up with parents and movie theaters in this day and age? Now granted, going to see a children's movie on opening weekend at the second show of the day is usually not the most conducive time to "absorbing" a movie. But again I say, "what the fuck is up with parents and movie theaters in this day and age?"

The behavior in the theater was atrocious, parents on their cell phones during the movie, toddlers who are barely out of a car seat propped up on someones lap screaming throughout most of the movie, the children running in the aisle because they're bored, the kid with the led's in his shoes that are constantly going off because he's banging the seat in front of him, the tweens behind me who repeated almost every line they thought was funny (I think they were stoned because it wasn't that funny). The most atrocious behavior came from the parents who just sat by and did nothing, nothing at all to discipline or discourage their childs behavior, just sit there with total disregard for the entire rest of the theater.

Why are people so selfish like that, I guess they think they're the only one in this world.


Robin said...

As the highly anal-retentive, drill sargeant-like mom of two small children, I HEAR you. I cringe at the thought of taking them to a movie, and we do so rarely, b/c I know that Monkey child would only sit still for 90 minutes if she had been tagged by National Geographic. And when we do bite the bullet and go to a movie, one of us usually ends up in the bathroom with her to "talk".

I think a lot of parents see it as a way to get a good 90 minute nap in the dark while their rugrats are entertained.

And gawd, do I agree with teh cell phone thing. turn the damn thing off, already!

xmichra said...

agree. 100%.

I would like to take Kira to a movie to see how she does.. but i am fully antisipating leaving after about an hour. She is normally really well behaved at home watching movies.. but being around OTHER kids and watching them all have a hoopla is just too much for a girl to take!

I am hoping that we can show her how to behave in a theatre now though.. before she becomes the tweens you were refering too.

Andi said...

Thats why I go to the movies during the day, there is no-one else there AND I don't go see kid movies.

Netflix comes in handy then!

Rob7534 said...

I'm with Andy. I love the matinees! Most the theatre is empty, no kids (cause they should be school) very peaceful, most condusive to movie watching.

Kat said...

We always go to matinees. Much less kids. I'm appalled by what you described! We took my two year old to adult movies when she was a tiny baby, but we timed it so that the lights went down, the bottle went in her mouth and she was out. We did it twice and both times as we were leaving people were saying what a great baby she was! But once she got old enough to squirm, the movies stopped. She stays with her Grammie (my mom) now when I take my 8 year old out. I will try a movie with her again when she's three. :)

Oh, and my cell phone is always on silent mode when I'm in the theater!

Ms Mac said...

I loved Everbody Loves Raymond but am the same as you about Ray Romano. I enjoyed the first Ice Age but wouldn't be in a hurry to take the boys to see the new one.

Michael, I can assure you I'm not one of those parents. I've seen horrible parents like that take their children to adult movies. They drive me insane!

Karen said...

Blech! Even more reason to fear the future ... :-(

In fact, there are studies on the effect that this kind of parental behaviour has on kids when they grow up and it ain't pretty. You'd think that there would be a happy medium somewhere along the line!