Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's Official

Yep it's official folks.....the company I work for has us "locked down" on the internet.

At work they use a proxy server with a filter so that we can't look at porn (which I totally understand) and games (which I can understand) and a few weeks ago they told us that we were not going to be able to access hotmail/gmail/yahoo any longer.

Then yesterday I come into work and they've also filtered Flickr and Youtube!!!!

Fortunately I can still get to blogger to post and I can read blogs but I'm afraid it's only going to be a matter of time before the only page we can get to is our homepage on the internet.

It truly is a sad day : -(


Andi said...

My thoughts are with your family at this sad time.

*sympathizes* (sp?)

CanadianSwiss said...

I understand blocking the first two, but I do hope that they wont block it off completely. I tent to be very careful at work. Even -if I do blog during working hours - I try to keep it during lunch time or breaks.

Ms Mac said...

Poor Michael. You mean you might actually have to do some work? Not fair!

captain_howdy_girl said...

I can totally get around that... email on the way

Michael said...

Andi - I appreciate your tears.

Ms. Mac - Yes those bastards!

CHG - You are quite the wily one aren't you? I think perhaps I should "stay legal" for a while.

xmichra said...

I am glad my work doesn't do that... for now. I am lucky that the boss man could give a rats ass if we surf the net. woo-hoo! But we aren't nearly as huge as the place you work for.

Rob7534 said...

The office also filters out porn, which I can understand, cause we have cameras anyway, so why look if I can't play.

They also filter out messenger services now, but only on the upgraded computers w/newer operating systems. The older PC's can still log on to whatever.

But I dread the day they block my precious blog! :(

There will be great wailing in the streets that day.

Kat said...

That sucks! You can't even look on your breaks or lunch hour? It seems like as long as employees are still being productive it wouldn't matter. If someone is surfing all day and not just peeking a few minutes here and there, it would affect their work, and they could be singled out and watched. Don't you think?

Karen said...

All our work computers have had minesweeper taken off! In terms of blocked sites, whenever we try to access a site that has been blocked, the server also pops up a page telling us why. Once when I tried to access The Onion, the server indicated that it was being blocked being of "useless content". How did they know?? Of course the time that I was doing some research on organisations working against inappropriate kiddie images on the internet, I had to forewarn the technie people! No need for Jennie's Zoo to pop up in cubicle land!

clew said...

MOFOS!!! >:[