Thursday, April 06, 2006


Well I'm glad to see that many of you feel the same way that I do about Lost. It has really pissed me off this year with all of the repeats and the huge breaks between shows. I mean 6 weeks between new shows, come on folks.

We watched some of the first season last year, but it was late in the season and we were really lost so we didn't really watch it, but as you may remember last year I bought the DVD when it came out and had a Marathon.

This season I've sort of been turned off, I watched the opener and all that, but when they started doing the repeat thing so early in the season it pissed me off. In fact last night was the first full episode I watched in like 3 weeks.

It got to the point where every Wednesday I would tune in, it was a REPEAT, and then it got to the point where I forgot that it was on Wednesday night......I would come in the office on Thursday and my co-worker would say "Didya watch it?" and then she would give me the whole rundown!

Last nights episode was terrific, I really like Hurley and the twist and turns of his story were really interesting. The reason he ended up in the mental institute was quite a twist I wasn't expecting. They almost had me sucked into the story...I was questioning whether the whole thing is just made up. The story from Locke/Henry Gale, the story from Hurley.

I must admit that I have pretty much given up on Lost for the season because I'm tired of keeping track of when a new episode is going to be on. I've resigned myself to doing another Marathon when the season comes out on DVD, so I don't watch it as "closely" as I should.

So did anyone watch it last week and see the Map? Entertainment Weekly has a really good explanation of it HERE


Ms Mac said...

Well, you know we "legally purchase" Lost off the www so we don't have to out up with repeats but it's a pita to check every week to see if there's a new one only to find there hasn't been a new one for weeks!

The story in season two is losing its way if you ask me. I'm waiting patiently for the explanation of Hurley's numbers turning up everywhere. Charlie has pissed me off right from the start. That skinny bird, Kate, picked Sawyer over Dr Jack- WTF??? And why is everyone not just living in the hatch? I bloody would!

Pfffftttt! If it doesn't lift its game, Lost will be going the same way as Nip/Tuck for me!

Kat said...

I missed last week's episode and half of last night. Why did Hurley end up in the mental hospital? I missed that!

Andi said...

You know what keeps me going? Sawyer and his nicknames for people.......


*drools luciously*

Michael said...

Ms. Mac - The numbers....

Were the original transmission from the radio before the french woman changed it.

Those numbers were picked up by some guys (who were in the navy I can't remember) and brought them back to land.

The guy that was in the asylum (the one he was playing conenct 4 with) with Hurley knew one of the sailor guys (or was one, I can't recall) and that's why he constantly repeated the numbers.

Which caused Hurley to play them in the lottery and win...which led to the serial number on the hatch...which lead to the numbers that need to be keyed into the computer.

I think the story in Season 2 is progressing along nicely, we've got the characters down pat so now they just need to work on the action!

Anonymous said...

A Lost Wiki !!!