Monday, April 03, 2006

My House Smells Like 7-Up, Part III

Wow a Three-Poster, I never thought that I’d be able to do it. To catch up with the story you should check out the first post where you find out I’m an incense enjoyer then follow up with the second post where we try to figure out why Head Shops are called such and the really cool gadget I found while I was there.

After I put the Lighter Leash into my grubby little hand I headed over to the Incense Booth to try and find some new flavors. Typically when I go looking for incense I like those clean burning scents, like Yankee Candles. My favorite scent from them was one they had a few years ago called Grass, I can’t find it any longer but oh my god it smelled like fresh cut grass when it burned it was the most intoxicating scent ever. It ranks right up there with Melon & Cucumber…I know I’m so gay!

But I like those crisp scents (and if you’re thinking about buying me presents I wear my cologne the same way – I love Candies – for Boys, Clinique – Chemistry and Crave by Calvin) so instead of trying to “smell” those in the incense store I just looked for the names.

Clean Rain, Summer Day, Patchouli (ICK), Anise and then I saw it. It stood out from the rest of the incense because unlike those plain undecorated sticks that just burn down to nothing this one was covered in blue glitter. Yes can you believe it, a blue glitter stick of incense! I was instantly drawn to it…..well because it was shiny, you know how it is…..and the label on it said “Fizzy Pop”

Fizzy Pop, I said to myself, now that’s got to be an interesting scent so I grabbed 4 or 5 sticks and took a big wiff, it was intoxicating! Totally intoxicating, it smelled like a tick of incense injected with carbon dioxide, I could almost hear the bubbles popping when I took a smell.

So I got about 5 or so sticks and put it in the bag with the rest of my incense, but it stood out because of its blue glitter stick!

I couldn’t wait to get home to light one up, the anticipation was killing me. As the train was approaching my stop I anticipated the doors opening and slammed my nose right into the glass, ouch!

I ran with a quick two step the few blocks home, I crossed the street and almost broke into a “mall jog” when I opened the gate. I had to pace myself, I still had to get the key into the downstairs door then climb three flights of stairs and open another door, so much could happen between now and then so I just kept telling myself "slow down."

I opened the bottom door and took a calm breath and started up the stairs, as I passed each step I started walking faster and faster until I was sprinting up the stairs. With my key out in its ready position, I reached the top stair and made a quick turn to the left, put the key in it's receptacle and turned. Oh it was so exciting, it’s like when you’re in the car and you have to suddenly pee and you know you’re going to be home soon, but will it be soon enough, and then your body just goes into that anticipation mode when you cross your legs and each step is excruciating because your body just wants to let loose but you still have to take your coat off, unbutton your pants and get to the bathroom, I mean you could trip on the stairs, step on a shoelace or even worse, get your zipper stuck!

Well it wasn’t quite like that, but I couldn’t wait to get home so I could light up a stick of it.

So now, my house smells like 7-Up because when you burn this stuff it fills the house with it’s sweet heady aroma. It smells just like 7-Up including the bubbles, really, and you know I wouldn’t make that up.

But if you’re looking for some incense, check out Fizzy Pop at your local Head Shop, it’s got the Blue Glitter Stick you won’t be able to miss it.

Did I take too long to get to the point? I'm sorry I promise I won't make huge posts in the future.


Antipodeesse said...

No, no, no! Michael, you have to write MORE posts like this in future! I was getting little tingles all over my ... bits , with the anticipation!

xmichra said...

don't appologize for a post that rocks!! silly boy!

AND FYI.. if you want more of the 'fizzy pop' you can buy a room spray from Pier One imports called just that. I have it in my bathroom :)

Kat said...

I agree. the anticipation of waiting three whole posts was pretty neat.

Kinda like when you gotta pee and...


CanadianSwiss said...

I thought it was very entertaining, too. It kept me coming back to read more.

ads510 said...

I think your elusive Yankee candle scent was green grass...and its been discontinued. BUT, you can buy it on ebay if you really like it. And, as I was looking I saw that yankee also has some new scents out for spring that look like they might smell fresh and should check them out.

Andi said...

Personally, I prefer Ocean smells, or waterfall smells. Clean Linen smells just get me right there.........

7-Up though? Not too sure about that.

But I agree with Antipo, I was reading that and I swear my face got nearer and nearer the screen as I got further into the post. I almost crossed MY legs when you were talking about peeing......

Loved that post!

Michael said...

Thank you all for the comments, I was afraid to write a "long post" for fear of losing people halfway through it all.

ADS - You are absolutely correct it was Green Grass, I'm so sad that it's been discontinued....and you'll be happy to know I just went to eBay and bought 18 votives for $32 (including s/h) which is only $1.77 each (not bad for Yankee Candle). Now I can horde it forever and burn it on special occasions and tease my friends and say "oh I'm sorry there's no more left, not in all of Tuscany" and "I'm sorry, I can't spare a square"

Antipodeesse said...

Forgive me Michael, but I just had to come back and say "I really like your HUGE POST".

I'm just not very quick on the uptake some days.

Anonymous said...

Ran across this artical, FANTASTIC post, and because of its lenght, it had me captivated!! now THAT'S how you tell a story!! Anyway, got some "fizzy pop" today and its just great, but when you mix it with a .. um... "relaxing moment", it just SHINES,and feels bubbly. I like it more than satya "super hit"