Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why are people so rude

Why are people so rude? Really what has happened to our manners? Have we all become such selfish ingorant introverts that we can no longer interact properly with society?

Two things just happened to me in rather quick succession. Typically this type of shit doesn't bother me, I mean hell I live in a big city of 9 million people, there's bound to be some stuff going on every now and again.

Incident Number One

As I've posted before, I don't do my own laundry. You should read HERE to find out why. So I was running low on underwear and knew it was time to gather up the masses and take them down to Marilyn. Now this may sound all simple, having someone else do you laundry but you've still got to get the laundry there and back, so it's not all without some effort, plus I live on the third floor.

So, I'm all bundled up and walking down the street with my laundry on my shoulder all butch like and stuff, hey I can do it when I have to, and I'm approaching the laundry.

Well coming towards me, about equidistance from the door is a gentleman, walking on my side of the street (which is one of my major pet peeves) and not looking like he was going to move, so I start thinking, ok is he going to the laundry is he not? What is this guy going to do so I can decide, well I'm getting closer to the door and he's still on the same landing trajectory, so I think he's going to walk in and hold the door for me (not that I was expecting it) but instead he walks between me and the door and stops so that I have to walk AROUND him. So picture this, me with 40 pounds of laundry slung over my shoulder and this guy who just stops in front of the door and stands there.

Now, not that I expected him to open the door for me, that's really going out on a limb, but you know what....I would have done that.

I always try to be polite, especially in this day and age. I will hold a door for a woman, I will give my seat up on the bus or the train, I will let all women exit the elevator before I do because no one else seems to care any longer.

So you know what, I just blew that whole incident over, just added it up to more shit in the city.

Incident Number Two

Then I walk over to the Walgreen's to get some cash. The great thing with debit cards nowadays is that you can get cash back, without having to pay any bank fees, so when I need cash I go buy a soda or something and then get cash back, yippee!

I needed cash so I go grab a soda (I was actually looking for the new Blak from Coke, but I can't find it yet, has anyone tried it? I'm standing in line, behind 4 other people with one lane open being run by W an older gentleman who is really slow. I know my fate, it's Sunday afternoon, the store is busy and W is working alone, I'm hunkered down for the long haul here.

By this time 2 more people come up behind me, so now there are 6 people in line. Typically the person running register will do a store announce IC3, IC3 meaning get up front I need help.

Before that can be done, this woman comes barreling up between all the people in line and pulls up to the empty register. She starts unloading her cart: gauze, two of the biggest bottles of peroxide I've ever seen, and a few other things. I'm standing there looking at this woman thinking, "What are you doing, that's not open?" After she unloads her stuff she screams over the crowd, "can you get someone to open this register." That fucking BITCH!! So now I'm staring at the back of her head burning holes! I can't believe that she just did that.

Then I see she's got a cigarette in her hand, it's not lit but it's had a puff taken off of it. I can't believe this is happening.

I must admit she knew the system, but the way that she did it was totally obscene.


Andi said...

"Oh NO she di'nt"

FUCKING BITCH! Michael, I would have so kicked her arse.....

and as for the guy with the door? Wanker!

Michael said...

I was just so stunned by the whole thing all I could do is stand there with my mouth hanging open!

Kat said...

Well, the guy I would just assume was a dumbass, but the smoking rude yelling bitch! omg. And you took her picture! That is her right? That's hilarious.

CanadianSwiss said...

Incredible! I can't understand what's happening to today's civilization.

xmichra said...


The first guy was problably just some idiot who had not a clue.

But the lady at walgreens?? COME ON, you know her mother would be proud of that little stunt. Bitch.

I was in Zellars on Saturday, and they have a two teer cashier check out thing, where you wait in one line and two cashiers serve the one line (do you get that?? ). WELL, I am behind this guy, and I have some basic easter candy and he has a shopping cart full of stuff. No biggy, since I look down and see the other cashier is almost done with her customer. INFACT, the guy with the shopping cart offered to let me go first since I had so little (SO NICE!). I declined since he was there first, and I figured I would be next as well.

WELL, some other lady with a shopping cart full of crap litterally grazes me with her cart and runs down to the other cash register! I was so shocked.. Mark said to me 'why didn't you do that?' and I LOUDLY said 'BECAUSE THAT IS RUDE, this guy was here FIRST'. That lady gave me the nastiest look.. but it was worth it since her little six or seven year old picked up right away with a 'mommies rude' song. hehe..

Michael said...

Kat - Yes that is her...I had to seruptiously get the camera out, but I shouldn't have been shy about it.

XM - that's a much better story than's amazing what people will do during the holidays...and considering the candy makers and the card people make it holiday season 12 months out of the year.

Karen said...

OMGosh .. that's really her?? That's too funny that you took a photo! The stories both suck though -- although I agree that one was more a case of negligence while the other was out right rudeness.... Blech!