Monday, May 22, 2006


In the shuffle of moving things around my apartment this weekend, I came across some papers. I'm typically pretty good about keeping my "things" together (letters, cards, etc.) but every now and again I'll put something someplace where it doesn't belong.....I guess because I know that at sometime in the future I'll run across it again and it will make me think.

So this weekend at the bottom of a drawer, in the bottom of a cabinet I found a card and a few other things from when I moved from Atlanta.....among those things were a letter from my Grandmother (she passed away in August), a thank you card from a friend who I had helped at a party and the following poem:

UNTITLED - Keavn Snoe

I saw a friend cry last night
not from any pain or fright
but simply from a single word
that cause so much grief and hurt.

I don't think he knew
how each of his tears slew
a little bit of happiness in my heart
how it hurt to see him fall apart.

I didn't cry for him that night
though if I'd watched him a little longer I thought I might
I did, however, feel bad
that I'd seen him so vunerable and sad.

Not for me for I feel that it was fine
but for him inside his mind
because I don't think he wanted me to know
that within him tears also flow.

I pretend to have seen nothing
though I know it will bring
a denial on both sides
of emotions either wants to hide.

So to him I would like to say
that I'd really like to be friends with him in future days
and I hope that you know my firend,
that it is okay to cry again.

My friend Keavn is a jewel that stands out among diamonds. He has a quick wit, a sharp tongue and a deep understanding of the things that surround him. I feel that I'm an "observant" person, but he is 100 times more observant than I can ever hope to be.

If you liked this poem (and I'm sure you did), Keavn has just released his first publication of his collected works called 24/7

Find him at Keavn Snoe

If you have a few extra dollars to spend on a book this month, think of supporting Keavn I know that you'll enjoy his poetry.

Here are a couple of reviews that are on Amazon:

C. Bridges - This is a book you can read over and over. It fits itself with what ever situation you are going through. It really makes you think about the importance of relationships and what you are contributing to them. I love it!

Angela B. - Wow! 24/7 is poetry extraordinaire. Keavn Snoe has given voice to many of my own thoughts and feelings.

**A NOTE PLEASE ** I want to help my friend Keavn spread the news about his book, would you do me a favor of posting a link on your blog to this post so that we can drive his book sales through the roof? Thank you!

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And it seems to be a good investment too. At you can get a new book for £9.09. A used one however costs £43.52.