Thursday, May 11, 2006

All is not lost

We had a great dinner last night of Filet Mignon, Grilled Halibut, ok Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli Rabe and grilled Onions/Peppers/Tomatos. Well lets just say after 5 glasses of wine with dinner (Hey, it was free) I was a little buzzed.

On the way back to my room, which of course makes you walk through the casino, I stopped and played the penny slots again...I know, I'm such a high roller....I can't understand why the hotel didn't comp me a nights stay in the Presidential Suite with the hundreds of pennies that I spent, I mean come on folks.....

Well I put $2.00 in and played for a bit and then ended up putting in another $5.00 I seemed to go through the $5.00 faster than I did the $2.00 what's up with that?!? I guess that's how they get you don't think you're gonna hit it big and you end up losing your money for breakfast instead.....

So the bastards took $7.00 from me and forced me to eat saltines and tap water for breakfast....goodness knows I was not going to open that $5.00 bottle of water they "conveniently" placed in my room for me!

Have you ever been to Vegas? We were there in September to celebrate a big 4-0 Birthday but didn't stay in one of the fancy hotels like I did this time.....You know they design these hotels so that you can never find your way around easily and that you ALWAYS have to go through the casino, no matter where you're going. Going for dinner....on the other side of the casino....going to the pool.....through the a meeting for work....through the casino! But then that's how they make their money don't making you go through the casino and losing 700 pennies in the slot machines......those bastards!

I'm no sitting in the airport waiting for my flight, which we just found out is going to be delayed 2 hours becuase of weather in least there's free wireless!


ditsybint said...

There is free wireless at the airport too.

I go to vegas about once a year (work) and yeah it scares the hell out of me everything is so well designed and how many people practically live at the slots.

And lookie here ... I have a blogger account now ... just so I can comment in your posts.

(Hmm ... thats either flattering or bordering on creepy)

Kat said...

Cool, free wireless! Hey, I have a laptop now. Or I will next week when my husband gets here for a visit. It's my birthday present.

Nickle Annie said...

Oh and you forgot about the slots in the airport! LOL! I have been to Vegas 2 time now. The first when I was in 7th grade and the second time to get married. We got married at the Monte Carlo but we stayed at MGM Grand. It was awsome, I would definately go back. Cabo was great too. We stayed in San Jose del Cabo and only went and visited Cabo St. Lucas once the whole week we were there. Wow! Sorry for the essay.

Michael said...

Ditsy....I'm honored : -)

Kat - Gotta love a laptop for a present.

NA - You've been to Vegas?! And you got married there...that's cool. I could see the MGM from my room! I've never been to Cabo, but I've heard it's beautiful!

CanadianSwiss said...

Of course they do that. That's why I stayed at a friend's house, not a hotel. Mu-u-u-u-ch to dangerous!!