Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Going Home

Well I'm not actually going home (That's in June) but I am going to Pennsylvania for a two days.

I'm headed out for work again, this time to State College, PA the home of Penn State University - Go Nittany Lions!

I just have to be there one day, but the flights are so limited that I have to fly out the day before....the great thing is - my parents are going to drive out to PSU and pick me up at the airport, and we'll get to spend the afternoon together.

I'm looking forward to seeing them, the last I saw them was in August when I went home for Gram's funeral...well at least this will be happier times.

Here's a picture a friend took of my parents just the other night (I don't know why Dad has a sour look on his face...oh wait, they were at an Auction and I bet Mom was buying stuff, that's the great thing that she and I have in common):


Kat said...

Have fun on your trip!

Andi said...

Your mum is always smiling!

Enjoy your trip!

xmichra said...

they look like nice people. Have fun!

Rob7534 said...

Nothing like going home again. Good luck w/the Rents.

Gretchen said...

Did you go to Penn State? Considering that I'm from Wisconsin and am a huge Badger fan, I have to admit that I do not like the Nittany Lions. Mainly I have a problem with them joining the Big 10 and making it the Big 11! OK, so maybe I'm also a little bitter because they tend to be so good at everything which made the Big 10 a bit more competitive, but at any rate, Go Badgers! Boo Nittany Lions!

Robin said...

You look so much like your dad!

Have a great trip, and visit with them!! :)